Although I have listed under Contributors all those with whom I have had contact,

it seems only right and proper that I should acknowledge others

who have supported me through this adventure




First there is my father William Henry John Collett (1909-1990) – I sat with him on many occasions before he sadly passed away.  During these sessions he opened up to me on many aspects of his life that had long been kept a secret.  This valuable time spent with him enabled me to write his life story, a separate and more personal view.


Next is my wife Belinda who over many years has had to sit alone in the evenings while I transferred data onto the computer from notes made during visits to various public records offices and other exciting places.


In this sort of venture you always need someone there to keep you on track and for this I thank my dear departed cousin Philip Goddard (1947-2004) who, having completed the Goddard family history, used his considerable efforts and resources to help me with mine.  It is to him that this website is dedicated.


Then there are all the helpful staff at the various record offices who have assisted me when I have paid them a visit.  These include the Gloucester RO, the Cirencester RO, St Catherine’s House and Kew in London, my local library in Northampton whose staff first brought to my attention the book by Margaret Chadd, the Church of Latter Day Saints office in Birmingham, and finally the Northampton branch of the Church of Latter Day Saints Family History Centre where I have spent many hours delving through their records.


No acknowledgement  would be complete without reference to the numerous family members far and wide who have supplied endless tidbits of valuable information, all of which has helped me to produce this work – which I must stress is still not completed, as the search for more details will go on forever.




I am hoping to include a couple of further acknowledgements over the next few years but these relate to my two sons Aaron Brian and Lloyd Nyall Collett.   Both are unmarried at this time (mid 2006) and neither has any immediate or foreseeable plans for extending the family line.  So I only hope this is not the end of this branch line.



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