Contributors – 1990 to 2013


The following is a list of all those people with whom I have had the pleasure of exchanging information over many years of compiling this family history.


These people have been kind enough to contribute additional information where details were missing or have provided verification of the details already gathered.


Bill Collett of Abingdon (my father), Bert Collett of Swindon (uncle)

Philip Goddard of Swindon (cousin), Tom Collett of Gloucestershire (cousin)

Frances Collett of Swindon (aunt), Jane Collett of Swindon (cousin)

Stephen Collett of Swindon (cousin), Ron E Collett of Swindon

Bob Collett of Trowbridge, Ron Collett of Norfolk, Jay Collett of Northampton

Don Collett of Australia, Doctor Alan Collett of Norfolk, Max Collett of New Zealand

Gordon Collett of Lincolnshire, Martin Collett of Australia, John Collett of Devon

Neil Collett of Warwickshire, David Collett of Plymouth, Bob Collett of Cheshire

Stephen Collett of Solihull, Leon Collett of Australia, Michael Collett of France

Bob Collett of Swindon, Joan Collett of Highworth, Peter Collett of Norway

Max Collett of Newfoundland, Rob Collett of Lincolnshire, Barry Collett of Reading

Ian Collett of New South Wales


Alice Dixon nee Collett of Swindon (aunt)

June Hughes nee Collett of New Zealand (cousin)

Linda Tangay nee Collett of Kentucky in the US (cousin)

Lily Bishop nee Collett of Cheltenham

Pat Hammans nee Collett of Swindon

Margaret Chadd nee Collett of Suffolk

Dorothy Pitt nee Collett of Australia


Jill Chambers of Bedfordshire, Barbara Chambers of Hertfordshire

Carole Holmes of Swindon (cousin), June Tobin of Australia

Doreen Cox of Cirencester, Les Durham of Italy, Ann Loh of Australia

Peter Bramble of Swindon, Merryl Wells, of Hemel Hempstead

Alex Mettler of Devon, Elizabeth Jack of Gloucestershire

Dorothy and Ron Ellis of Selby, Jean Rogers of Utah in the USA

Brian Prescott of Lancashire, Brian Gegg of Cirencester


Plus, more recently

Cheryl Adams, Gordon Rookledge, Jackie Russell, Kaare Knutson

Heather Preston, Brian Foster, Allan Simnett, Avryl Sixtus, Sue Hoskins

Judith Stichbury, Tony & Tasha Young, Jeni Rice, Christopher Lloyd

Pam Kuyt, Ian King, June Keating, Carole Hiscock, David Considine

Phillip Bain, Kathy Belcher, Bonnie Brown, Ivor Clucas, Jennie Cordner,

Terence Prescot, Trevor Collette, Joan Robertson nee Collett, Ben N Collett,

Raymond Collett, Tom Collett, Cheryl Collett



This file was first published in 2006, when the website was launched,

and was update for the last time in 2013.

Since then, acknowledgements for everyone’s generous contributions

have been made within the family line where their information has been used