Headstone 1.

 “In Loving Memory of BETSY wife of the late William King of Cirencester and Fourth Daughter of the late Henry Collett of this village who passed peacefully away on January 17th 1936 aged 86 years” – “Asleep in Christ”  (Ref. 3O18)




Headstone 2.

 “There is a Land of Purest Light” – In Loving Memory of JOHN HENRY COLLETT eldest son of Henry Collett of Chedworth died April 16th 1937 aged 84 years”  (Ref. 3O20)


 “Also of RHODA COLLETT beloved daughter of Henry Collett born July 4 1845 died May 15th 1940”  (Ref. 3O16)


 “Also of ELIZA ANN seventh daughter of Henry Collett died June 25th 1946 aged 87 years” – Forever with the Lord”  (Ref. 3O22)




Headstone 3.

 “In Memory of HENRY COLLETT who died May 1, 1887 aged 67 years”  (Ref. 3N3)


 “Also of ELIZABETH widow of the above who died January 17th 1897 aged 72 Years” – “Peace, Perfect Peace beloved mother father may Jesus keep you well for all their days”  (Ref.  3N3)


 FANNY daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Collett died August 24th 1863 aged 20 years  (Ref. 3O15)


 SOPHIA COLLETT died January 12th 1885 aged 23 years  (Ref. 3O24)


MARY ANN died daughter of the above December 1st 1923 aged 72 years  (Ref. 3O19)


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