Other Branch Lines – 1650 onwards


This section contains brief details

of other families connected to the Collett family tree


Updated December 2016


The majority of the data is this section has been unearthed and very kindly supplied by Tom Collett (Ref. 1Q29) from Cinderford in the Forest of Dean.  Tom worked with me over many years gathering details for Part One.  The following information was noted by Tom during numerous visits to the Records Office in Gloucester while carrying out research into his wife’s family line.


The source of the much of the Cowling family information was the document entitled ‘Buildings and Monuments of Gloucestershire’ compiled by Ralph Bigland in 1790.


The details regarding the Watts, Pitt, Gardiner and Rogers families has been gathered over many years of corresponding with Jean Rogers (Ref. 10R2Watts) of Salt Lake City in Utah, USA and to whom I will be eternally grateful for her kindness and generosity.  Sadly her husband Norman passed away in 2005.


The earlier Watts family information was obtained from Gloucestershire Family History Society via Dorothy (Ref. 1O92) and Ron Ellis of Selby in Yorkshire.


The more recent Rowland/Rowlands family details have been kindly supplied by Jackie Russell nee Dowler, a direct descendent of Mary Ann Rowlands and Thomas Dowler whose granddaughter married Walter Collett (Ref. 3O3).









10H1 Cowl.

Walter Cowling was sworn in as Church Registrar of the Parish of Kempsford on 16th February 1653.  It is likely that Walter was the father of Leonard Cowling (listed below) who took over the role two years later.  Another indication that this may be true is in the name of Leonard’s eldest son who carried the same name as his father.




10I1 Cowl

Thomas Cowling

Born circa 1620 - Buried 28.04.1622


10I2 Cowl

Thomas Cowling

Born circa 1630 - Buried 09.04.1636


10I3 Cowl

Walter Cowling

Born circa 1630 - Buried 17.06.1642


10I4 Cowl

Leonard Cowling

Born in 1632





10I4 Cowl.

Leonard Cowling was born in 1632 and married Catherine around 1660.  He was sworn in as Church Registrar of the Parish of Kempsford on 21st January 1655.  Leonard Cowling died on 13th May 1708 at the age of 76 years.  Catherine, who was born in 1630, died shortly after Leonard on 23rd June 1708 aged 79 and both of them were buried at Kempsford.




10J1 Cowl

Eleanor Cowling

Born in 1665


10J2 Cowl

Walter Cowling

Born in 1668


10J3 Cowl

Leonard Cowling

Born in 1670





10J1 Cowl.

Eleanor Cowling was born in 1665 at Kempsford.  The Kempsford burial records show that she died on 23rd September 1748 at the age of 83.





10J2 Cowl.

Walter Cowling was born in 1668 and he died on 24th March 1693 when he was only 25 years of age.





10J3 Cowl.

Leonard Cowling was born in 1670.  He married Elizabeth Woodbridge on 24th June 1694 at Kempsford.  Leonard Cowling died on 27th September 1728 aged 58 years and his wife Elizabeth passed away just over three years later when she died on 25th December 1731 at the age of 59 years.  Both of them were buried in the churchyard at Kempsford.




10K1 Cowl

Catherine Cowling

Baptised on 16.06.1695 infant death


10K2 Cowl

Katherine Cowling

Baptised on 08.10.1713





10J3 Cowl.

Thomas Cowling was born circa 1675 and was a carpenter of Kempsford.  He was married to Margaret, as confirmed at the time of the death of Elizabeth their daughter.




10K3 Cowl

Elizabeth Cowling

Died on 20.04.1696, infant death


10K4 Cowl

Richard Cowling

Baptised on 27.11.1700





10K2 Cowl.

KATHERINE COWLING was baptised at Kempsford on 8th October 1713.  It was twenty-two years later that she married Francis Collett (Ref. 1K10) around 1735.  Katherine Collett nee Cowling died on 29th October 1768 and was buried at Kempsford.




The continuation of this family line is provided in

Part One – The Gloucestershire Main Line commencing with Francis Collett (Ref. 1K10)




Other Cowlings referred to in the parish register for Kempsford between

the years 1653 and 1700 were Sarah and William.
























As early as 1608 there were members of the King family living at Bisley in Gloucestershire.  In the book “Men & Armour in Gloucestershire in 1608” a John Kinge of Bysley was listed as a labourer.  Another, William Kinge husbandman suitable for musket, was listed as living close by at Miserden.






John King married Ann King at Bisley Parish Church on 10th May 1711.





10K1 King

More research is required to bridge this generation gap, but it is likely that a later child of the marriage of John and Ann King (above) was born around 1730 and he could be the father of William King (below).  It is equally possible that there could be two generations missing; a son born around 1712 who subsequently married say around 1734 and whose own son born a few years after the marriage could be the father of William King (below).





10L1 King

WILLIAM KING could have been born around 1755/60.  After his marriage, he was living at Eastcombe where his children were born.  He had a daughter and two sons, all of whom were baptised at the Bisley Parish Church.




10M1 King

Ann King

Born circa 1780


10M2 King

Thomas King

Born in 1788


10M3 King

Elijah King

Born on 1798





10M1 King

Ann King was born around 1780 and she married James Russell at Bisley on 25th December 1802.





10M2 King

THOMAS KING was born in 1788 at Eastcombe and was baptised on 3rd June 1792 at Bisley Parish Church.  He married Martha Ann Watkins who was born in 1798 in the neighbouring village of Bussage.  According to Bisley Parish Church Register the couple was married on 2nd February 1818 when Martha was recorded as spinster of the parish.  Bussage, where Martha claimed she was born in the Census of 1851 Census, lies within the parish of Bisley.  Martha’s father, James Watkins, was a witness at the wedding.  The couple had two sons and a daughter.  In the parish record for the baptism of the second son Thomas King’s occupation was given as weaver.  According to the Census of 1851 for Bisley, Thomas was listed as a Chelsea Pensioner and Martha was listed as a burler of cloth.  No other members of the family were living with them at that time.






10N1 King

Levi King

Born in 1818


10N2 King

Harriett King

Born in 1820


10N3 King

Handy King

Born in 1827





10M3 King

Elijah King was born in 1798 at Eastcombe.  He married Maria around 1820 and they had two sons, Isaac King and Charles King.  According to the Census of 1851 for Eastcombe in the Parish of Bisley, Elijah was aged 63 years a pauper and hand loom weaver, while Maria was 62 years of age.




10N4 King

Isaac King

Born in 1821


10N5 King

Charles King

Born in 1823





10N1 King

LEVI KING was born at Bisley on 7th June 1818 and was baptised on 17th November 1822 at Bisley Parish Church.  He married Harriett Young around 1848, Harriett having been born at Minchinhampton during 1825.  Harriett’s mother was Betty Young who was born at Minchinhampton in 1784 and who, according to the Census of 1851, was a 67-year old pauper and a hand loom weaver.  Living with Betty at Eastcombe at that time was her son-in-law Levi King of no specified occupation, his wife Harriett age 26 and their daughter Elizabeth aged two years.  Further children were born of the marriage, all of whom were baptised together on the same day on 29th August 1862.  They were Rose Anna King, aged 12, Mary Ann King, aged six years, Louisa, who was three, and Martha Ann who was eighteen months old.  Levi King was listed as a boatman on that occasion.




By the time of the 1871 Census for Bisley, Harriett was the head of the family and her occupation was that of a rag sorter as were four of her five daughters that were still listed as living with her.  They were: Elizabeth King 22, Rose Anna King 20, Mary Ann King 15, Louisa King 12, and Martha King 10 a scholar.  All were listed as being born at Bisley, although we now know this to be Eastcombe in the parish of Bisley.  Levi King was not mentioned in the listing and it could be assumed that he may have died by that time.  However, Harriett was not listed as a widow but just as head of the family, so maybe Levi was working away from home at the time of the census, perhaps even on a boat somewhere.  What is likely is that he had died by 1878 as he was not a witness at his daughter Rose Anna’s wedding that year.




10O1 King

Elizabeth King

Born in 1849


10O2 King

Rose Anna King

Born in 1850


10O3 King

Mary Ann King

Born in 1856


10O4 King

Louisa King

Born in 1859


10O5 King

Martha Ann King

Born in 1861





10N2 King

Harriett King was born in 1820 at Eastcombe and was baptised on 2nd January 1825 at Bisley Parish Church when she was described as being four years old.





10N3 King

Handy King was born in 1827 at Eastcombe and baptised at Bisley Parish Church on 7th November 1824.  According to the Census of 1851 for Bisley, he was a waterman age 24.  Living with him at that time was Maria Young, aged 27 years, a burler of cloth who was born at Minchinhampton.  With her was her daughter Emma Young aged three years and born at Eastcombe in 1848.  Maria Young, who was born in 1824, was the sister of Harriett King nee Young, the wife of Levi King (above).




On 29th August 1862, the same day that Levi’s four daughters were baptised at Bisley, Maria’s base born son Richard Henry, who was born in 1859, was baptised Richard Henry King.  There was also another child bearing the King name baptised on that day.  She was Hannah Maria King aged six years, the daughter of Handy King and Maria Young.  However, her burial record at Eastcombe Baptist Church on 4th October 1874 gave her name as Hannah Maria Young of Eastcombe, aged 17 years.




10O1 King

Hannah Maria King

Born in 1856/7


10O2 King

Richard Henry King

Born in 1859






Isaac King was baptised on 4th February 1821 at Bisley Parish Church.






Charles King was baptised on 29th June 1823 at Bisley Parish Church.






There were three other King baptisms at Bisley around that time, but at the time of writing no connection has been made to any family listed here, although it is very likely that they are connected.  The additional baptisms were:

27.04.1823 – Hannah King daughter of Tamar and William King, a labourer from Oakridge

03.08.1823 – Horatio King son of Mary and John King, a weaver of Eastcombe

04.07.1824 – Emma King daughter of Mary and James King, a carpenter of Eastcombe.





10O1 King

Elizabeth King was born in 1849 at Eastcombe and it would appear that she was never baptised, at least not with the rest of her siblings on 29th August 1862.  This may indicate that she had died as a child.





10O2 King

ROSE ANNA KING was born in 1850 at Eastcombe near Bisley and was baptised on 29th August 1862 at the age of 12 years.  She later married Robert Collett (Ref. 1O79) on 7th September 1878 at Bisley Church and died of cancer of the liver on 28th March 1902 at Siddington. 




The continuation of this family line is provided in

Part One – The Gloucestershire Main Line commencing with Robert Collett (Ref. 1O79)





10O3 King

Mary Ann King was born in 1856 at Eastcombe and was baptised on 29th August 1862 at Bisley Parish Church.





10O4 King

Louisa King was born in 1859 at Eastcombe and was baptised on 29th August 1862 at Bisley Parish Church.





10O5 King

Martha Ann King was born in 1861 at Eastcombe and was baptised on 29th August 1862 at Bisley Parish Church.






















Earlier records for the Rowland family used a spelling without an s at the end.  It appears that it was during the 1800s that it became the more accepted practice to write the name with an s.







ROBERT WAKE ROWLAND was baptised at Naunton on 22nd January 1719.  He was a tailor and married Mary with whom he is known to have had two children.  Both Robert and Mary took part in a joint adult baptism at Naunton in 1737 which may have coincided with their getting married.  Robert made and signed his Will at Naunton on 21st April 1784.




10K1 Rowl


Date of birth unknown (circa 1740?)


10K2 Rowl

Robert Rowland

Date of birth unknown





10K1 Rowl.

WILLIAM ROWLAND, whose date of birth is not known but is likely to have been around 1740, married Mary Stiles at Naunton on 24th October 1762.  Mary was born in 1744 and was the daughter of John Stiles and she was baptised at Naunton on 8th January 1746.  It seems very likely that all of their children were born at Naunton.  William, who was a tailor like his father, died in 1818.  His Will, made and signed at Naunton on 31st March 1818, was proved on 30th October that same year.  Mary had died five years earlier and was buried at the Naunton Baptist Church.  Every member of his family including his married daughter Elizabeth Reynolds, son-in-law Henry Collett (Ref. 2L16) and all of his children were beneficiaries (see Will in Legal Documents)




10L1 Rowl

William Rowland

Born circa 1763


10L2 Rowl

Mary Rowland

Born in 1765


10L3 Rowl

John Rowland

Born in 1772


10L4 Rowl

Robert Rowland

Born in 1775


10L5 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowland

Born in 1779


10L6 Rowl


Born in 1782





10L1 Rowl.

William Rowland was born around 1763 and he married (1) Mary Hobro on 23rd February 1785 at Guiting Power.  Mary, whose surname was sometime written as Hewberough, was the daughter of George Hobro and was baptised at Stanway on 3rd June 1764.  Just like his father, William was also subject to an adult baptism, which took place at the Naunton Baptist Chapel on 11th July 1800.  It is known that at the time of the birth of the couple’s only child in 1804 William and Mary were living at Lower Slaughter.




On 14th December 1813 William married (2) Jane Collett at Bourton-on-the Water for which she had the consent of her father William Collett, who was also a witness at the wedding.  Jane may have been born at Lower Slaughter even though her birth was recorded at Bourton-on-the-Water.  According to the record there she was born on 26th August 1771 and it was at her father’s request that the birth was registered by Thomas Coles, Protestant Dissenting Minister.  The entry confirmed that her parents were William Collett, and Jane his wife, of the Parish of Lower Slaughter.  All that is currently known about William Collett is that on 4th August 1777 his wife Jane presented him with another daughter Mary Collett, when the family was again described as living within the Parish of Lower Slaughter. 




It was also at Lower Slaughter that William and Jane were living in 1818.  However, William made and signed his Will at Chipping Campden on 28th October 1831 and passed away shortly thereafter.  William’s second wife Jane was recorded in the census return for 1841 which stated that she was a widow living with her step-daughter Elizabeth Elliott at Shalfleet in Hampshire (on the Isle of Wight) when she had a rounded age of 70.




10M1 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowland

Born on 15.06.1804





10L2 Rowl.

Mary Rowland was born at Naunton in 1765 and was baptised there on 15th April 1765.  She later married Henry Collett (Ref. 2L16) at Notgrove on 1st January 1787. 




The continuation of this family line is provided in

Part 2 – The Secondary Line commencing with Henry Collett (Ref. 2L16)





10L3 Rowl.

John Rowland was probably born at Naunton around 1772.  Like many members of his family he too was subject to an adult baptism and this took place at the Baptist Chapel in Naunton on 17th July 1801.  He married (1) Mary Cooke on 21st February 1803 at Naunton, although the marriage produced no children for the couple.  Their wedding was witnessed by John’s sister Elizabeth and her betrothed Edward Reynolds.  Mary Rowland nee Cooke was born around 1763 and died on 19th November 1810, following which she was buried at Naunton.  Following her death John later married (2) Joanna possibly around 1816.  Joanna was referred to as Hannah and was born at Aldsworth around 1790.




John was a farmer and in 1811 he was living at Oxleaze Farm in Sevenhampton where all of his children were born.  By 1836 he was at Coldgate Farm in Charlton Kings and at the time of the 1841 Census John and Hannah were living at Old Dole Farm in Charlton Kings.  And it was at the latter that he made and signed his Will on 22nd September 1848.  John Rowland died just over one year later on 7th December 1849 and was buried at Naunton Baptist Chapel.  According to the 1851 Census John’s widow Hannah was still living at Old Dole Farm in Charlton Kings with five of her six children.  Only daughter Mary was missing so it might be assumed that she was married and had left home.




10M2 Rowl

Benjamin Rowland

Born in 1817


10M3 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowland

Born in 1822


10M4 Rowl

Mary Rowland

Born in 1824


10M5 Rowl

Sarah Rowland

Born in 1826


10M6 Rowl

John Rowland

Born in 1828


10M7 Rowl

William Rowland

Born in 1830





10L4 Rowl.

Robert Rowland was born at Naunton on 9th April 1775 and he married Hannah Stait at Guiting Power on 30th July 1807.  Hannah was the daughter of John Stait and it was possibly her brother Thomas Stait whose name appears in the list of names on the Bishop’s Certificate for Naunton dated 3rd November 1797 (see Bishop’s Certificate in Legal Documents)




It was at the house of this Robert Rowland that a group of protestant dissenters, including Henry Collett (Ref. 2L16) and his family, met to worship following receipt of the certificate of approval signed by the Bishop of Gloucester in 1797.  During the following years, a chapel was built and completed in 1800 and this was later replaced in 1850 by the chapel that is still there today.  Today in the Chapel at Naunton there is a plaque on which ‘Robert Rowland 9th April 1775 to 11th January 1851 and his wife Hannah died 18th February 1874 aged 94’ are commemorated, together with their son John Rowland who died on 28th July 1860 aged 43




Robert was baptised as an adult in his own chapel at Naunton on 17th July 1801.  Two years later on 18th May 1803 he was a witness at the wedding of Elizabeth Rowland (below) and Edward Reynolds at the Parish Church in Naunton.  Edward Reynolds, together with his father or his brother John Reynolds, was also listed in the names contained within the Bishop’s Certificate.




Robert’s wife Hannah was born around 1780 at Guiting Power and was the subject of an adult baptism at Naunton Baptist Chapel on 20th September 1807.  According to the 1841 Census Robert Rowland was a shopkeeper at Naunton with his wife Hannah and, at his death on 11th January 1851, he was referred to as a shopkeeper and a tailor, as were his father and grandfather.  His Will was signed on 10th January 1849.




Following his death and just over two months later, Hannah was listed as being the ‘proprietor of houses’ at Naunton in the 1851 Census.  Living with her was her daughter Anna Marie aged 28 and son-in-law Henry White aged 28 and a grocer of Shipston-on-Stour.  Also listed at the house with Hannah was her grandson David Lodge aged five years, the son of her daughter Eliza, and Esther White a 23 years old dressmaker of Shipston-on-Stour who was presumably the sister of her son-in-law.




By 1861 Hannah had moved to Chadlington in Oxfordshire where she was still listed as being ‘proprietor of houses’.  Ten years later, in 1871 she was living at Green End in Chadlington and nearly three years later she died on 18.02.1874, the death being registered at Winchcombe suggesting that she had moved back to Gloucestershire.  All of the children of Robert and Hannah were born at Naunton.




10M8 Rowl

Mary Rowland

Born on 18.09.1808


10M9 Rowl

Eliza Rowland

Born on 02.11.1811


10M10 Rowl

John Rowland

Born on 17.05.1816


10M11 Rowl

Anna Marie Rowland

Born on 01.03.1822





10L5 Rowl.

Elizabeth Rowland was born at Naunton and was baptised there on 26th May 1779.  However, she was baptised again at the recently completed Baptist Chapel at Naunton on 11th July 1800.  Elizabeth married Edward Reynolds at the Parish Church in Naunton on 18th May 1803.  Two months earlier Elizabeth and Edward had been the witnesses at the Naunton wedding of her brother John Rowland and Mary Cooke on 21st February 1803. 





10L6 Rowl.

JOSEPH ROWLAND was born at Naunton where he was baptised on 6th September 1782.  He married (1) Ann Maisey on 21st February 1803 in a joint ceremony with his brother John Rowland. Ann Maisey was very likely the daughter of Robert Maisey who was listed in the Bishop’s Certificate of 1797.  See Ref. 10M16 and Ref. 3N8 for other Maisey family connections.  Just prior to the birth of their first child, Joseph was subject to an adult baptism at the Baptist Chapel in Naunton on 29th September 1805.  This was followed two years later by the adult baptism of his wife Ann on 20th September 1807, very likely indicating a change in their religious beliefs.




It seems likely that Ann died around the time of the birth of their fourth child in 1820, as three years later Joseph married (2) Elizabeth Brindle on 19th June 1823 at Bourton-on-the-Water with whom he had another child born at Naunton.  Elizabeth was born at Bourton around 1780.  What is of interest is that Joseph’s son William Rowland married Sarah Brindle who was born in 1811 and who was very likely a niece of Elizabeth Brindle, Joseph’s wife




The 1841 Census for Naunton confirmed that Joseph was a tailor by trade, as had been his father and his grandfather before him.  Joseph died at Naunton on 30th August 1845, his Will having been signed earlier that same year on 8th April.  Following her husband’s death it would appear that Elizabeth returned to her home town of Bourton where in 1851 she was living with her cousin Mary Brindle.  Mary aged 68 was the cleaner at the Baptist Chapel, while Elizabeth was a widow aged 71 of Bourton.




10M12 Rowl

Mary Ann Rowlands

Born circa 1806


10M13 Rowl

William Rowlands

Born circa 1809


10M14 Rowl

Joseph Rowlands

Born circa 1813


10M15 Rowl

Robert Rowlands

Born circa 1820


10M16 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowlands

Born circa 1821





10M1 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowland was born at Lower Slaughter on 15th June 1804 where she married William Elliott of Minehead in Somerset on 27th October 1824.  Elizabeth was listed in the 1841 Census as living at Shalfleet in Hampshire and with her at that time was her stepmother Jane Rowland.





10M2 Rowl

Benjamin Rowland was born at Sevenhampton around 1817.  Like his father before him, Benjamin was initially a farmer at Coldgate and Old Dole Farms in Charlton Kings but later became a grocer and eventually a butcher.  Before he settled down and was married he was charged and convicted of shooting and wounding John Bunce at Charlton Kings.  On 13th December 1843 at Gloucester Assizes he was sentenced and ordered to serve one month in Gloucester Gaol from where he was discharged on 13th January 1844.




In the 1818 Will of his grandfather William Rowland (Ref. 10K1Rowl) a house was bequeathed to Benjamin’s father John Rowland (Ref. 10L3Rowl).  This property was rented by John Bunce so it might be logical to assume that there was some dispute surrounding the removal of John Bunce from the property which resulted in the wounding.




In 1851 Benjamin was still single and living with his widowed mother at Old Dole Farm in Charlton Kings.  It is therefore assumed that he later married Annie (Tarry?) who was born at Creaton in Northamptonshire in 1826, their first child being born at Charlton Kings.  Their next three children were born at Cheltenham.  By 1871 Benjamin was a grocer and he and his family were living at 6 Adelaide Buildings in Cheltenham.




Ten years later the family had moved to Bath Road in Cheltenham where Benjamin was now listed as a butcher.  At that time Benjamin’s unmarried sister Elizabeth Rowland 58 of Sevenhampton was listed with the family as was a visitor from Northampton by the name of Mary Tarry.  Mary was two years old than Annie, Benjamin’s wife, so this may have been her sister or just a friend.




In 1881 their eldest daughter Elizabeth was 22 and listed as a dressmaker, with son John being aged 19 and a butcher, while son David was 17 and a provisional tripe dresser.  The couple’s youngest child Ruth was 11 years old.  After a further ten years, the family had moved again, and in 1891 they were living at No. 1 Exmouth Buildings in the Bath Road at Cheltenham.  Benjamin’s occupation was then that of a tripe dresser and pork butcher.  Benjamin Rowland died at Cheltenham in November 1892.




10N1 Rowl

Elizabeth Johanna Wake Rowland

Born circa 1858


10N2 Rowl

John Rowland

Born circa 1861


10N3 Rowl

David Rowland

Born circa 1863


10N4 Rowl

Ruth Rowland

Born circa 1869





10M3 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowland was born at Sevenhampton in 1822.  It would appear that she never married as in the 1881 Census she was aged 58 unmarried and living with her brother Benjamin Rowland at bath Road in Cheltenham.  Previously in 1861 she was aged 38 and of Sevenhampton and was companion to her aunt, the 74 years old widow Elizabeth Collett of Aldsworth at her home in Naunton.  Also living with them was 38-years old Elizabeth Midwinter of Ascott in Warwickshire who was also listed as ‘companion to aunt’.





10M5 Rowl

Sarah Rowland was born at Sevenhampton in 1826 and she married widower John Collett (Ref. 3N4) of Chedworth on 8th May 1855 at Charlton Kings.




The continuation of this family line is provided in

Part 3 – The Chedworth Line commencing with John Collett (Ref. 3N4)





10M8 Rowl

Mary Rowland was born at Naunton on 18th September 1808 where she married George Wilkins on 5th November 1835.  George, who was a farmer, was born at Bourton-on-the-Water around 1807, although the 1861 Bourton Census referred to him as an agricultural labourer living at Horns Farm.  The couple appear to have lived all of their life together at Bourton where their children were born and where in 1871 George was a farm bailiff.  George died at Bourton during the fourth quarter of 1874, his death recorded at Stow-on-the-Wold. 




Following the death, Mary lived with her married daughter Hannah Dyer at Blakeney Street in Awre on the west bank of the Severn River.  In 1881 Hannah was aged 27 and her husband Alfred was a baker from Strensham in Worcestershire.  Mary Wilkins was listed as being 72 and an annuitant.  Mary’s final resting place was Tewkesbury where she died in April-June 1888.  The other children of the marriage were Elizabeth Wilkins (born 1838), Mary Wilkins (born 1844), Henry Wilkins (born 1849), Frank Wilkins (born 1850) and Hannah M Wilkins (born 1853).





10M9 Rowl

Eliza Rowlands was born at Naunton on 2nd November 1811.  She married David Lodge at Miserden on 9th May 1837 although David was living at Naunton at that time.  David, who was a farmer, was born at Hawling in 1805.  The marriage produced a son David born in 1845 at Shipston-on-Stour and in the 1851 Census he was living with his grandmother the widow Hannah Rowlands (Ref. 10L4Rowl) at Naunton.  From 1851 Eliza and David lived at Chadlington where in 1881 David was described as a retired farmer.  Just two years after Eliza died at the end of 1883, her death being registered at Chipping Norton.  It was only a few months after that David passed away in the first quarter of 1884.





10M10 Rowl

John Rowlands was born at Naunton on 17th May 1816.  His occupation was that of a tailor and he travelled north to Liverpool where he married Ann Harrison Heckle in November 1841.  The marriage is known to have produced a daughter for John and Ann who was born at Liverpool where John died on 28th July 1860 aged 44 and, where prior to which, he and Ann and their daughter lived at 32 Stanhope Road.




At the time of the 1861 Census John’s widow was living alone in Liverpool.  This was because her daughter was visiting the Naunton home of her aunt Anna Marie White nee Rowland.  The census record stated she was aged 15, a niece and visitor born in Liverpool.  Almost immediately following her husband’s death, Ann moved to 17 Bewley Street in Kirkdale.  Ten years later she was living at 39 Landseer Road in Everton and by 1891 she had made her final move to 10 Harlech Road in Great Crosby from where she died towards the end of 1892.




10N5 Rowl

Hannah Marie Rowland

Born in 1844





10M11 Rowl

Anna Marie Rowland was born at Naunton on 1st March 1822 where she married Henry White in February 1851 although the wedding was registered at Stow-on-the-Wold.  Henry was the son of John Higgins White and Mary and was born at Shipston-on-Stour.  Henry, who had been a draper and a grocer, died on 18th May 1885 and was followed by Anna who died on 2nd August 1886 aged 64.  Both of them were buried at Naunton Baptist Chapel.  Immediately prior to their deaths the couple were living at Dale Terrace in Naunton with their daughter Florence E White who was born in the town in 1862.  The couple also had another daughter Clara who was born at Naunton in 1855 and a first-born child Robert Rowland White who born there in the second half of 1851.  In that year’s census the pregnant Anna Marie and her husband Henry were living with Anna’s widowed mother Hannah Rowland (Ref. 10L4Rowl) at Naunton.





10M12 Rowl

Mary Ann Rowlands was born at Naunton in 1806 where she married Thomas Dowler on 18th June 1823 at St Andrew’s Church.  Thomas was the son of James Dowler and Hannah Gorten and was baptised on 30th August 1795 at St Andrew’s Church.  His marriage to Mary Ann was his second, as he had previously been married to Elizabeth Worville on 8th September 1818 at Salperton who, it must be assumed, died perhaps in childbirth.




Mary Ann and Thomas lived all their life at Naunton where all of their eleven children were born and where Mary died and was buried at St Andrew’s Church on 17th October 1872.  Thomas survived for another ten years before he passed away and was buried on 26th October 1882 at St Andrew’s Church.  It would appear that sometime after Mary Ann died Thomas went to live with Mary Ann’s brother Joseph in the village of Naunton.  And this was confirmed in the 1881 Census for Naunton in which Thomas Dowler, a widower aged 83 of Bourton-on-the-Water, was living as a boarder at the cottage home of Joseph and Sarah Rowlands. 




Thomas had many occupations during his life including labourer, agricultural labourer, general servant, groom and gardener and coachman.  Their children were Job (born 1824), Mary Ann (born 1826), Elizabeth (born 1827), Edward (born 1828), Jane Dowler who was born in 1830, WILLIAM (born 1833), James (born 1838), George (born 1841), John (born 1843), Reuben (born 1846) and Sarah Ann (born 1848).




Their daughter Jane Swallow nee Dowler (born 1830), the wife of John Swallow,

is referred to in Part Three – The Chedworth Line (under Ref. 3O3)




10N6 Rowl

William Dowler

Born in 1833





10M13 Rowl

William Rowlands was born at Naunton around 1809.  He was a roof slater and on 24th May 1832 he married Sarah Brindle at Bourton-on-the-Water.  Sarah was born at Bourton on 12th June 1811, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Brindle.  It would appear that they and their family lived all their life at Lansdown in Bourton where they are listed in consecutive census records from 1841 to 1881, although in the last one for William in 1871 his occupation had changed from slater to plasterer.




In 1851 the family comprised William 42, Sarah his wife 39, sons John 17 a slater like his father and William 14 a plough boy, Henry who was six, and daughters Emma who was seven and Elizabeth who was two years old, all of the children having been born at Bourton.  The couple’s eldest child, their daughter Ann Rowlands, was 18 in 1851 when she was working as a nurse looking after her 74 years old widowed grandmother Elizabeth Brindle at Bourton.  Elizabeth was listed as a former nurse, so perhaps was providing young Ann with her training.




By 1861 the household was made up of William and Sarah, son Henry 16 and Elizabeth 12.  Daughter Ann was still unmarried and was now aged 28 and working as a servant at the Bourton house of non-practicing physician and widower Nathaniel Stenson aged 85 and of Kensington in London.  The couple’s eldest son John was also living at Bourton in 1861, now aged 26 he was a plasterer married to Emma who was born at Chedworth in 1841.  Missing second son William aged 23 was also still living in Bourton.  He was a slater married to Sarah a 26 years old dressmaker of Bourton.  Listed with them in the 1861 Census were their two daughters Elizabeth 2 and Mary four months, both born at Bourton.




William Rowlands died in the last quarter of 1878 and his death was recorded at Stow-on-the-Wold as was that of Sarah’s in the third quarter of 1885.  Following his death, his widow Sarah remained at Bourton where, in 1881, she was still living at Lansdown with only her unmarried daughter Elizabeth aged 48 for company, whose occupation was given as a needlewoman. 




10N7 Rowl

Ann Rowlands

Born in 1833


10N8 Rowl

John Rowlands

Born in 1834


10N9 Rowl

William Rowlands

Born in 1836


10N11 Rowl

Henry Rowlands

Born in 1840, infant death 1841 Qrtr4


10N10 Rowl

Emma Rowlands

Born in 1842


10N11 Rowl

Henry Rowlands

Born in 1844


10N12 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowlands

Born in 1848





10M14 Rowl

Joseph Rowlands was born at Naunton around 1812/13.  He was an agricultural labourer and married Sarah who was born at Northleach around 1813/14.  The marriage took place around 1840 and by the end of March in 1851 the marriage had produced four children.  The census that year listed the children as Joseph who was nine and Martha who was six, both of them born at Northleach, and Benjamin who was three and Mary Ann was just six months old, while both of them had been born at Naunton.




By 1861 Joseph aged 48 was still an agricultural labourer living with wife Sarah aged 47 at Naunton.  Their children still at home that year were sons Joseph 19 and Benjamin 13 both agricultural labourers, and daughters Mary Ann, age nine, and Elizabeth, age seven, had been born at Naunton.  The couple’s missing daughter, Martha aged 16, was working as a general servant on the 260-acre farm of William Hyatt in Naunton.




Ten years, twenty years and thirty years later all of the children had left home leaving Joseph and Sarah living alone at the family home in Naunton.  What is of interest is that in 1881 widower Thomas Dowler (above) aged 83 of Bourton-on-the-Water was living as a boarder with his brother-in-law Joseph aged 67 and his wife Sarah aged 66 at the cottage in Naunton.  Joseph Rowlands died in 1893 and his death was registered in the December quarter of that year at Stow-on-the-Wold.  Sarah died two years later in November 1895.




10N13 Rowl

Joseph Rowlands

Born in 1841


10N14 Rowl

Martha Rowlands

Born in 1844


10N15 Rowl

Benjamin Rowlands

Born in 1847


10N16 Rowl

Mary Ann Rowlands

Born in September 1850





10M15 Rowl

Robert Rowlands was born at Naunton around 1820.  He married Hannah Skinner on 2nd September 1840 at St Andrew’s Church in Naunton, the marriage being registered at Stow-on-the-Wold.  He was a tailor during his early working life and was a witness at the wedding of his sister Elizabeth Rowland to Thomas Harris at Naunton on 3rd March 1841.  Robert’s wife was born around 1803 at Aston Somerville in Worcestershire where she was baptised on 11th September 1803.  Towards the end of his life he was a gardener and lived for over twenty years at 52 Broad Street in Kidderminster having previously lived at York Street in Kidderminster.  Robert Rowlands died in the early part of 1886, the death being recorded in the Kidderminster registration district.  Hannah had died six years before Robert and her death was recorded in the September quarter of 1880 at Kidderminster.





10M16 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowland was born at Naunton around 1822/23 and in 1841 she was working as a domestic servant.  It was just three months prior to that when she married (1) Thomas Harris on 3rd March 1841 at St Andrew’s Church in Naunton.  Thomas was born in 1817 and was the son of Michael Harris.  He was a shoemaker but tragically he died young and was buried at St Michael’s Church in Guiting Power on 15th August 1843.  Less than a year before they were married Elizabeth and Thomas were the witnesses at the wedding of Elizabeth’s brother Robert Rowland and Hannah Skinner on 2nd September 1840.  Fifteen months after Thomas died his widow Elizabeth married (2) Charles Maisey, the son of Robert Maisey in November 1844 – see Ref. 10L6 for another Maisey family connection.




Elizabeth who lived all her life at Naunton died there and was buried at St Andrew’s Church on 11th June 1866.  She and Charles had at least seven children all born at Naunton.  These were Ezra (born 1846), Charles (born 1851), John (born 1853), Henry (born 1854), Martha (born 1858), a daughter born in March 1861 but an infant death and Selina (born 1863).  Charles was born at Naunton in 1822 and was an agricultural labourer and later a stone mason.  Following the death of his wife Elizabeth he married Mary Ann Bullock of Compton Bassett in Wiltshire (also born in 1822) on 18th February 1867 at St Andrew’s Church in Naunton with whom he had a son William born in 1867 who died young.  It is of interest to note that in 1881 Charles and Mary Ann were living at Dale Terrace with daughter Selina only three doors along from where Henry and Mary Ann White nee Rowland were living at that time.  Charles Maisey died during the month of August in 1892.





10N1 Rowl

Elizabeth Johanna Wake Rowland was born at Charlton Kings near Cheltenham around 1858, the eldest daughter of grocer Benjamin Rowland and his wife Annie Tarry.  It was also at Cheltenham during the 1880s that she married her cousin, grocer John Rowland Collett (Ref. 3O36) from Chedworth.  It was Elizabeth’s father Benjamin Rowland who was the brother of John Rowland Collett’s mother Sarah Rowland.




Further information about Elizabeth Johanna Wake Rowland can be found in

Part 3 – The Chedworth Line under John Rowland Collett (Ref. 3O36)





10N6 Rowl

William Dowler was born at Naunton where he was baptised on 04.08.1833 at St Andrew’s Church.  On 23rd January 1851 at St Andrew’s Church in Sevenhampton he married Anne Preston the daughter of William Preston and Hannah East, the marriage being registered at Northleach.  Anne was heavy with child at the wedding and her daughter Sarah Ann Dowler was born only thirty-four days after the ceremony.  Anne was born at Brockhampton but baptised at St Andrew’s Church in Sevenhampton on 15th December 1822.  In the ten years or so before she was married she was in service as a servant at Brockhampton.




William’s occupations varied from agricultural labourer at Naunton and Brockhampton to cowman at Roel, agricultural labourer at Kineton, herdsman at Highfurze in Tidmington, and finally hay trusser and general labourer while living at Winchcombe in 1891 and 1901 respectively.  Living with the couple in 1891 was their 13 years old granddaughter Bertha Maud Dowler of Winchcombe the base born child of their daughter Sarah Ann Dowler.  William Dowler died on 26th March 1905 at Gretton Road in Winchcombe aged 72 and was buried four days after at Winchcombe with his wife Anne.  She had only died just ten months earlier on 27th May 1904.




10O1 Rowl

Sarah Ann Dowler

Born on 26.02.1851 at Brockhampton


10O2 Rowl

John Dowler

Born on 24.07.1852 at Brockhampton


10O3 Rowl

James Dowler

Born on 10.08.1854 at Roel


10O4 Rowl

Jane Dowler

Born on 03.12.1856 at Roel


10O5 Rowl

Ellen Dowler

Born on 28.03.1858 at Roel


10O6 Rowl

Elizabeth Dowler

Born on 29.04.1860 at Roel


10O7 Rowl

Fanny Dowler

Born on 15.06.1862 at Roel


10O8 Rowl

George Dowler

Born on 21.09.1864 at Roel


10O9 Rowl

Mary Ann Dowler

Born on 20.10.1866 at Temple Guiting





10N7 Rowl

Ann Rowlands was born at Bourton-on-the-Water on 7th February 1833, her death recorded at Stow-on-the-Wold register office during the first quarter of 1905.





10N8 Rowl

John Rowlands was born at Bourton-on-the-Water on 24th December 1834 and he married Emma Norman from Chedworth during the second quarter of 1861, with whom he had five known children.





10N9 Rowl

William Rowlands was born at Bourton-on-the-Water on 10th October 1836.  He married (1) Sarah Ann Chandler at Bourton-on-the-Water on 1st June 1858 and they had four children.  Sara Ann died in 1868 and was buried at Bourton-on-the-Water on 30th June aged 35.  Two years later William married (2) Martha Brown at Great Barrington on 3rd December 1870, with whom he had a further four children.  Martha was buried at Bourton on the Water on 3rd March 1900, where she was joined by William when he was buried on 25th November 1912 following his death four days earlier.  Of particular interest is the non-conformist registration of his birth, while on the same page was recorded the death of Hannah Collett aged 57.  Hannah, from Bourton-on-the-Water, was buried in the Protestant Dissenters Burying Ground in Bourton on the sixteenth day of February 1837 by Thomas Coles, Protestant Dissenting Minister.





10N10 Rowl

Emma Rowlands was born in 1842, her birth recorded at Stow-on-the-Wold.  She later married carpenter James Lowe, a widower from Great Malvern, at the Parish Church in Bourton-on-the-Water on 26th December 1861.  At the time of both their deaths in 1916 the couple was residing within the Upton-on-Severn registration district in Gloucestershire.





10N11 Rowl

Henry Rowlands was born in 1844 but was the subject of an adult baptism at Bourton-on-the-Water on 8th March 1866 when he was 24.  He married Elizabeth Stickley at Bourton on 22nd October 1868 and they had five children, the youngest daughter being Florence Ann Lumb nee Rowlands (1876-1942) who was the great grandmother of Chris Bailey who, in 2016, was carrying out research into the Bailey families of Northamptonshire.





10N12 Rowl

Elizabeth Rowlands was born in 1848, her birth recorded at Stow-on-the-Wold during the last three months of that year.  She later married Edward James Boddington, who died in 1897, while Elizabeth Boddington was buried at Bourton-on-the-Water on 14th December 1920.





10O1 Rowl

Sarah Ann Dowler was born on 26th February 1851 at Brockhampton and baptised at St Andrew’s Church in Sevenhampton on 23rd March 1851.  She married Walter Collett (Ref. 3O3) in 1891.  Walter was born in 1842 and he and Sarah Ann were both the great great grandchild of William Rowland (Ref. 10K1Rowl) who married Mary Stiles in 1762.




The continuation of this family line is provided in

Part 3 – The Chedworth Line commencing with Walter Collett (Ref. 3O3)
























ROBERT WATTS – details unknown, except he had a son John Watts.




10L1 Watts

John Watts

Born in 1751





10L1 Watts

JOHN WATTS was born in July 1751 at Tetbury in Gloucestershire.  He married Sarah Stoneham and they had a son Samuel Watts.  John and Sarah were reputed to be fairly wealthy people who wore fine silk clothes and fancy shoes with silver buckles.




10M1 Watts

Samuel Watts

Born in 1771





10M1 Watts

SAMUEL WATTS was born in May 1771 at Horsley near Nailsworth in Gloucestershire.  He married Judith Osborne on 20th December 1796 at Horsley and they had a son John Watts.  The wealth his father enjoyed passed to Samuel who was well known for travelling around in a grand horse-drawn carriage.  Unfortunately for the family, Samuel remarried following the death of Judith and for some reason his son John was cast aside.




10N1 Watts

John Watts

Born in 1799





10N1 Watts

JOHN WATTS was born in 1799 at Minchinhampton in Gloucestershire, the only known child of Samuel Watts and Judith Osborne.  He married (1) Mary Ann Pitt, who was twenty years his junior, on 8th August 1840 at Rodborough near Stroud.  Mary Ann had been born at Rodborough in 1818, the daughter of Thomas Pitt, who was born in 1799, and Sarah Pitt nee Lee, who was born in 1798.  Whilst not inheriting any of his father’s fortune, John worked as a labourer but eventually he and Mary Ann were given a house in which to live by a wealthy aunt.  Very shortly after getting married John enlisted in the army and spent long periods away from his family. 




However, all of the couple’s four children were born at Minchinhampton where, just ten years after they were married, Mary Ann Watts tragically died in May 1850 during the birth of the couple’s fourth child Eliza Ann.  Following the death of his wife John Watts married (2) the widow Mrs Mary Burnell or Goodall on 14th October 1851, who already had two daughters, Louisa Stockwell and Ann Goodall.  It is believed that her maiden name was Stockwell and that Louisa was born before she was first marriage.  This could prove to be a vital link with the Colletts of Bibury for the following reason.  Stockwell was the maiden name of the wife of William Collett (Ref. 2N9), Hannah, who was born in Bibury.  And it was the son of William Collett and Hannah Stockwell, William Collett (Ref. 2O8), who married John Watts’ daughter Caroline Ruth Watts (below).




Immediately after marrying Mary Goodall, John Watts once again rejoined the army and even less was seen of him thereafter.  He fought in the Crimean War of 1853 to 1856, during which he received a serious leg wound which caused him to limp very badly thereafter.  It was during one of John’s period of absence that his wife Mary evicted from the family home the four children from John’s previous marriage, once they were old enough to start work.




John Watts died at Minchinhampton on 15th June 1866 aged sixty-seven, less than two months after disowning his daughter Caroline Ruth Watts for marrying the much older William Collett, who was a sailor.  John’s second wife Mary Collett nee Stockwell had died three prior to the death of her husband, having passed away during 1863.  During his life, he was commonly known locally as ‘Soldier’ John Watts to avoid confusion with another of the same name living in Minchinhampton.




10O1 Watts

Stephen Watts

Born on 13.06.1841


10O2 Watts

Elizabeth Sarah Watts

Born in 1843


10O3 Watts


Born on 09.08.1848


10O4 Watts

Eliza Ann Watts

Born on 24.06.1850





10O1 Watts

Stephen Watts was born at Blacknest in Stroud on 13th June 1841 and he became a sculptor.  He married (1) Emma Brown from Rockness Hill in Nailsworth with whom he had a daughter Emma Watts around 1862.  Tragically his wife died at Box near Minchinhampton before the child’s first birthday in 1863, most likely giving birth to the couple’s second child.  After that sad event Stephen married (2) a girl from Swansea and they emigrated to Buffalo in America.  In 1906 he was living in St Louis where his wife had died a few years earlier.  By that time his only daughter Emma Lowe nee Watts was living with him with her son, the only positive outcome of a failed marriage.





10O2 Watts

Elizabeth Sarah Watts was born at Minchinhampton in 1843 and died in 1861.





10O3 Watts

CAROLINE RUTH WATTS was born at Box near Minchinhampton on 9th August 1848.  Against the wishes of her father she began seeing William Collett who was 32, when she was only seventeen years of age.  However, she ignored her father’s feelings on the matter and ran away from home to marry William at Coates near Cirencester on 19th April 1866.




For the continuation of this family line see Part Two – The Secondary Line

for the years from 1870 to 2000 commencing with William Collett (Ref. 2O8)





10O4 Watts

Eliza Ann Watts, who was referred to as Annie by the family, was born at Box near Minchinhampton on 24th June 1850 and was christened at the Baptist Church in Box.  She was forced into service with a Mr and Mrs Tilley, when she was just twelve years old, following eviction from the family home by her stepmother. 

She also worked in a factory making wooden buttons for awhile.  It was at the factory that she met Joseph Henry Gardiner a cloth-maker.  They became good friends and he introduced her into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Nailsworth where she was re-baptised on 29th June 1872.  This is Eliza and Joseph pictured together in the 1920s.




A short while later they decided to get married, but agreed to wait until they could afford to sail to America.  Joseph went on ahead in July 1872 and he worked on the railroad, sending money back to Annie to enable her to pay for her passage to America.  Annie followed with his sister Emma Gardiner and stepbrother Arthur Gardiner.  The sea journey through very stormy weather was a terrible experience for the three young people who could only afford steerage tickets.  This meant they were confined in the hold for the whole journey that took six weeks before their arrival in New York.  They eventually arrived in Utah on 24th July 1873. 




Two months later she married Joseph on 22nd September 1873 in the Endowment House in Pleasant Grove in Utah where they had six children.  Ten years later the family moved to Vernal on 9th September 1883.  The journey, across untamed Red Indian country, with the six children took ten days on foot.  Once there they bought land and built and established a farm on which four further children were born.  Annie Gardiner nee Watts died on 6th August 1935 at Vernal in Utah, where she was buried five days later.  A fascinating insight into the hard times that the family endured as settlers in the New World is provided in a story written in 1957 by Annie’s granddaughter Amy Ruth Gardiner.  The serialisation of this moving story will be provided in the Collett Newsletter in 2015.




Joseph Henry Gardiner was born at Bisley near Stroud on 21st November 1844 and on leaving school he became a cobbler’s apprenticed.  However, his first love was the land, so for much of each year he was a farmer and during the winter months he worked at the local coal mine.  He died on 12th July 1927 at Vernal and was buried in Vernal Cemetery two days later.  His father was William Edward Gardiner who was also born at Bisley, on 25th February 1816, and his mother was Sarah Hughes who was another born at Bisley 1st October 1819, and they married on 16th February 1840.  William Edward Gardiner died at Pleasant Grove in Utah on 4th June 1904.  William’s father was Isaac Tanner Gardiner and his mother Fanny Gardiner nee Twissell. 




The aforementioned details indicate that the whole of the Gardiner family may have emigrated to America with Eliza Ann and Joseph Henry, perhaps to escape the ridicule they suffered in Gloucestershire for being members of the Mormon Church, that and to be near their spiritual home in Salt Lake City.  All of the family of Annie and Joseph Gardiner were heavily involved with, and committed to, the Mormon religion.  Almost every member of the family, including many of their grandchildren, took part in the two-year missions to other countries to spread the gospel according to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  For many years Annie was a Relief Society Visiting Teacher, while Joseph was the Leader of the Ward Choir. 




Red Indians often invaded their farm at Vernal.  They just walked in and helped themselves to any food that might be available.  The US President, Brigham Young, had openly encouraged settlers to feed the Indians rather than fight them, but it was a frightening time for the family.  On one occasion, when the men were at work, an Indian squaw came into the farm house with her baby and swapped it for one of Annie’s own baby girls.  Fortunately Joseph later managed to persuade them to return the child to its rightful mother.




10P1 Watts

Joseph Gardiner

Born around 1874 - Died in 1890


10P2 Watts

William Gardiner

Born around 1876


10P3 Watts

Frederick Gardiner

Born around 1877


10P4 Watts

Albert Gardiner

Born around 1878 - Died in 1879


10P5 Watts

Lewis Gardiner

Born around 1880


10P6 Watts

Laura Gardiner

Born around 1882


10P7 Watts

June Gardiner

Born around 1885


10P8 Watts

Myrtle Gardiner

Born around 1887


10P9 Watts

Ivy Gardiner

Born around 1890


10P10 Watts

Florence Gardiner

Born around 1892





10P2 Watts

William John Gardiner, referred to as Will by the family, was born at Pleasant Grove in Utah on 28th September 1875 and he married Amy Ann Collier on 30th September 1898 at the Salt Lake Temple in Salt Lake City in Utah. 


They had four sons, three of whom tragically died at birth, and two daughters, again one of whom died at birth. 


William John Gardiner died at Vernal in Utah on 8th February 1958 where his wife Amy died on 28th July 1921.





Amy Ruth Gardiner

Born on 26.03.1904



Reed Gardiner

Date unknown





10P3 Watts

Frederick Gardiner, referred to as Fred by the family, was born around 1877 at Pleasant Grove in Utah.  He married Minne Batty of Panguitch in Utah at the Salt Lake Temple on 20th June 1905 and they had two sons and five daughters.  Fred was a scholar and became School Principal in Panguitch.  He also held many positions within the Church and in civil government.





10P5 Watts

Lewis Gardiner was born around 1880 at Pleasant Grove.  He married an English girl, Lucy Toes, whom he had met on a two-year Mormon mission to England.  They were later married at the Salt Lake Temple on 11th October 1911 and they had one son and three daughters.  One of the daughters died at the age of 12 years.





10P6 Watts

Laura Gardiner was born around 1882 at Pleasant Grove.  She married John Evans on 15th August 1906 at the Salt Lake Temple and they had two children, a son Ashel and a daughter Viola who died a year after she had married.  Laura’s husband John died soon after the children were born.





10P7 Watts

June Gardiner, referred to as Junie by the family, was born around 1885 at Vernal.  She married Robert Alfred on 18th January 1909 and the marriage was sealed at the Salt Lake Temple on 8th October 1912.  They later moved to Price in Utah where they had two sons and four daughters.  They lost their eldest son at two years of age, following a fall.  The second son became a Bishop within the Mormon Church and was later ordained a Patriarch at Salt Lake City in 1979.





10P8 Watts

Myrtle Gardiner was born around 1887 at Vernal.  She married Joseph Collier on 21st September 1906.  Joseph was the brother of Amy Ann Collier who married Myrtle’s brother William (Ref. 10P2Watts).





10P9 Watts

Ivy Gardiner was born around 1890 at Vernal.  She married LaVell Manwaring on 8th June 1917.  She was the last of the family to marry, because she had stayed on at home to look after her ageing parents.  Ivy and her husband lived at Bush Creek on a large ranch before moving into the Naples Ward of Salt Lake City.  After their family was raised the couple undertook a thirty-month mission to Tonga, and later another to Hawaii.






Florence Gardiner, referred to as Flossie by the family, was born in 1892 at Vernal.  She married (1) Joseph Rich on 2nd June 1909 when she was only seventeen years of age.  She later gave birth to a son and two daughters.  Sadly Joseph Rich died during 1919 as a direct result of the influenza pandemic of that time.  Flossie then married (2) Herman Hoersch on 4th November 1921, but more tragedy struck the family when Donald, her only son, died on 12th April 1929 from an injury sustained during a school basketball game.  Soon after that Flossie lost her second husband when Herman died.





10Q1 Watts

Amy Ruth Gardiner, referred to as Ruth by the family, was born at Vernal on 26th March 1904.  She married Arthur Harrison on 23rd August 1922 at Salt Lake City and they had two children, Farron Harrison who was born in 1923 and Jean Harrison who was born two years later. 


Later on in their life together Ruth and Arthur completed a two-year mission for the Mormon Church. 


Amy Ruth Harrison nee Gardiner died at Salt Lake City on 21st March 1980, her husband Arthur having died a few years earlier at Vernal on 14th June 1976.





Farron Harrison

Born in 1923



Jean Harrison

Born in 1925






Jean Harrison was born on 8th July 1925.  This photograph supplied by Jean was taken during 1962.


She married Norman Rogers at Salt Lake City on 28th January 1943 and they had two daughters Cheryl Rogers and Geraldine Rogers.


Norman Rogers died in 2005


I shall forever be indebted to Jean and Norman for presenting me with the complete boxed set of the UK Census of 1881 on CD-rom.

Their generous gift has enabled me help many other family history researchers.
































Maurice Watts was married to Ann.  Their son Daniel was baptised at Leonard Stanley.





Daniel Watts

Baptised on 25.12.1761






Daniel Watts was at Leonard Stanley baptised on 25th December 1761 where he married Elizabeth Dangerfield on 5th August 1783.  Their children were baptised at Leonard Stanley.  Daniel’s name appears many times in the church register at Leonard Stanley as a witness at weddings and this might indicate that he was church warden.  There are two specific cases in this family history.  The first for William Collett who married Daniel’s daughter Sarah - see below, and the second at the marriage of the son of William Collett and Sarah Watts, George Collett (Ref. 1N52), who married Jane Packer in 1834.





Sarah Watts

Baptised on 12.09.1784



Elizabeth Watts

Baptised on 11.08.1786



Daniel Watts

Baptised on 27.02.1791






Sarah Watts, who is listed as being ‘of Rodborough’ was baptised at Leonard Stanley on 12th September 1784.  She later married William Collett (Ref. 1M39) at Leonard Stanley on 16th November 1802. 




For the continuation of this family line see Part One – The Main Gloucestershire Line

for the years from 1485 to 1800 commencing with William Collett (Ref. 1M39)