The Denmark Line


Updated June 2019



All of the information was generously provided by Peter Collett (Ref. 24P47) of Oslo

as an extension to the Collett family line of Norway depicted in Part Twenty-Four.

This commences with Bernt Anker Collett (Ref. 24M35) who distinguished his

from that of the Norwegian branch by changing the spelling of the name





Bernt Anker Collett (Collet) was born in Norway on 8th August 1803.  He married Emilie Henriette Christense Rorbye and they had two children.  It was Bernt who is credited with taking the name into Denmark and in order to distinguish it from the Norwegian family he decided to drop the last t in the surname.  Bernt Anker Collet died on 2nd February 1857, while his wife Emilie Henriette Christense Collet nee Rorbye passed away on 17th April 1868.





Eilertine Eleonore Collet

Born on 11.04.1834



Peter Ferdinand Collet

Born on 07.05.1836






Eilertine Eleonore Collet (known as Elna) was born on 11th April 1834.  She married Thorvald Lund a marine commander and they had one daughter.  This was because Elna died on 19th January 1866 when she was only 31 years of age.  Thorvald, who was born on 19th March 1825, died on 14th January 1898.






Peter Ferdinand Collet was born on 7th May 1836.  He married (1) Haralda Judithe Johanne Margrethe Toft on 17th November 1863 and they had three children. Haralda, who was born on 17th February 1842, died on 27th July 1892, after which Peter married (2) Palamonia Hilda Octavia von Geijer on 20th September 1898.  She was born on 22nd November 1860 and died on 9th March 1946.  Peter had died thirty-seven years earlier on 9th September 1909.  Sometime during his life Peter re-acquired the farm at Ronnebaeksholm that had previously been sold by Johan Collett (Ref. 24K14) in 1777.  He was also a Cand.jur. (LL.M.), the owner of Lundbygaard Manor, a Royal Chamberlain and a Master of the Royal Hunt.







Holger Peter Harald Collet

Born on 28.08.1864



Marie Emilie Jutta Franciska Collet

Born on 23.09.1866



Emilie Haralda Eleonore Emmy Collet

Born on 26.06.1869






Holger Peter Harald Collet was born on 28th August 1864.  He married Polly Fredrikke Lillie Hegermann-Lindencrone on 4th November 1896, who had been born on 25th September 1875.  Holger, a Cand. polit., was the owner of Lundbygaard, Katholm & Rønnebæksholm Manors, a Royal Chamberlain, and a Master of the Royal Hunt.  He died on 9th July 1943, while Polly survived as a widow for just over two years, when she passed away 9th November 1945.





Julia Haralda Collet

Born on 08.10.1897



Marie Fredrikke Collet

Born on 21.10.1898



Polly Emilie Collet

Born on 25.09.1899



Harald Peter Otto Collet

Born on 15.10.1900



Carl Frederik Herman Collet

Born on 08.07.1905






Marie Emilie Jutta Franciska Collet was born on 23rd September 1866.  She married Axel Vedel on 2nd April 1891, Axel having been born on 4th February 1859.  He died on 23rd August 1937, while Marie died some years later on 24th February 1946.






Emilie Haralda Eleonore Emmy Collet (known as Emsy) was born on 26th June 1869.  She never married and became a missionary leader.  She died on 30th September 1951.






Julia Haralda Collet was born on 8th October 1897, but tragically died less than two weeks later on 21st October 1897.






Marie Fredrikke Collet (known as Unne) was born on 21st October 1898.  She married (1) Vincents Christian Lerche on 8th July 1919.  He was a baron born on 12th April 1891 and with whom she had just one child before the couple were divorced.  Marie later married (2) Jens Peder Jensen on 7th March 1931, who sadly died after only seven years of marriage life with Unne, when he died on 13th November 1938.  Her first husband died on 26th June 1966, while Marie herself lived on until 28th September 1996 when she passed away, her second marriage not having produced any children.





Christian Carl Fredrik Lerche

Born on 25.09.1923






Polly Emilie Collet was born on 25th September 1899.  She married Erik Fredrik Adolf Joachim Holstein-Holsteinborg on 5th July 1922.  Erik held the title of ‘lensgreve’ and was born on 21st November 1896.  The couple had two daughters and two sons.  Polly died on 25th November 1964 and was followed six years later by Erik who died on 11th December 1970.  Their two daughters took the title of countess, while the two sons held the title of ‘greve’, similar to that of their father.





Ib Holstein-Holsteinborg

Born on 09.11.1923



Ellen-Kirsten Polly Holstein-Holsteinborg

Born on 01.04.1926



Birgit Lucie Holstein-Holsteinborg

Born on 29.03.1931



Leif Erik Holstein-Holsteinborg

Born on 09.04.1937; died 16.4.37






Harald Peter Otto Collet was born on 15th October 1900.  He married his distant Norwegian cousin Else Collett (Ref. 24P18) who was born on 8th September 1905.  Harald, a Cand. Polit., was the owner of Lundbygaard Manor, a Royal Chamberlain, and a Master of the Royal Hunt.  He died on 15th May 1972, followed by Elsie on 17th April 1990.





Bernt Johan Holger Collet

Born on 23.11.1941



Holger Peter Ferdinand Collet

Born on 22.07.1945



Harald Johan Holger Collet

Born on 13.10.1947






Carl Frederik Herman Collet was born on 8th July 1905.  In 1931 he married (1) Herveor Christensen who was born on 2nd March 1909 but with whom he had no children.  They were divorced in 1939, following which on 2nd December 1939 Carl married (2) Else Bjorn who was born on 8th March 1909, and with whom he had four children.  Carl was the owner of Katholm and Rønnebæksholm Manors, was a Royal Chamberlain, and a Master of the Royal Hunt.  It was on 26th May 1976 that he passed away.





Peter Collet

Born on 08.07.1940



Merete Collet

Born on 17.11.1941



Irene Collet

Born on 24.05.1944



Anne Collet

Born on 24.06.1947






Christian Carl Fredrik Lerche was born on 25th September 1923 and inherited the title baron from his father Vincents Christian Lerche (Ref. 25P2).  On 15th March 1951 he married (2) Ellen Guldar (known as Elle) who was born on 6th February 1926.  They had four children who all took on the title of baron or baroness, but thirty years after the birth of the last child they were divorced in 1991.  In 1994 when Christian was 71 he married (2) Hanne Synnestvedt Andersen who was born on 24th August 1943.  They were only married for one year, when Hanne died on 31st December 1995, followed by Christian a year later on 27th August 1996.





Vincents Carl Christian Lerche - baron

Born on 31.03.1952



Birgitte Ille Margrethe Lerche - baroness

Born on 10.12.1954



Vibeke Aliz Marie Lerche – baroness

Born on 19.03.1960



Annelise Olga Ingeborg Lerche - baroness

Born on 16.10.1961






Bernt Johan Holger Collet was born on 23rd November 1941.  He married Catharina Marie Lowegren who was born on 19th June 1945.  Bernt holds an H.A. (B.Sc. in Commerce) and is the owner of Lundbygaard Manor.  He was a long-time Conservative Member of the Danish Parliament, during which he was the Minister of Defence (1987-88).  He also served as the Royal Chamberlain to Her Majesty, Queen Margrethe II, and was Master of the Royal Hunt.





Camilla Cathrine Collet

Born on 10.09.1972



Carl-Johan Gunnar Harald Collet

Born on 15.07.1974



Harald Peter Ferdinand Collet

Born on 04.05.1976






Holger Peter Ferdinand Collet (known as PF) was born on 22nd July 1945.  He was a civil engineer at Koge in Denmark and on 2nd August 1974 he married Ulla Birgitte Kamman who was born on 29th March 1947.





Peter Otto Johan Collet

Born on 02.04.1977



Christian Nicolaj Johan Otto Collet

Born on 13.05.1980






Harald Johan Holger Collet was born on 13th October 1947.  He worked in London and was later a company Managing Director.  On 3rd August 1975 he married Marianne Sundberg who was born on 5th January 1947.





Michaela Collet

Born on 02.06.1980



Stephanie Collet

Born on 03.02.1982



Alexandra Marianne Collet

Born on 09.05.1985



John Carl Harald Collet

Born on 08.10.1986






Peter Collet was born on 8th July 1940.  He married (1) Irene Emily Dugdale on 19th February 1965 who was born on 20th February 1944, but they were divorced without having any children.  Following the divorce Peter married (2) Birgitte Nielsen on 15th September 1978, with whom he had two daughters.  Birgitte Nielsen was born 12th February 1945.





Marie Therese Collet

Born on 26.03.1980



Anne Cathrine Collet

Born on 06.04.1983






Merete Collet of Holme Olstrup in Denmark was born on 17th November 1941.  She married Preben Georg Knud Garth-Gruner on 13th September 1968 who was born on 27th December 1927 with whom she had two children.





Caroline Garth-Gruner

Born on 14.02.1970



Thomas Garth-Gruner

Born on 15.11.1971






Irene Collet was born on 24th May 1944.  On 22nd April 1972 she married Max Keller who was born on 16th October 1943, with whom she had two daughters.  At some time in her life Irene lived at St Moritz in Switzerland.





Catherine Keller

Born on 30.04.1974



Marie Helene Keller

Born on 12.05.1977






Anne Collet was born on 24th June 1947 and later lived at Cambridge in England.  On 2nd May 1969 she married David Christy Dunn who was born on 12th February 1939.  David died before reaching his sixtieth birthday on 19th August 1998.





Christina Ann Christy Dunn

Born on 20.04.1971



Joanne Christy Dunn

Born on 14.07.1972



Helen Christy Dunn

Born on 25.07.1974



Richard Carl Edward Christy Dunn

Born on 08.03.1976



Philip David Christy Dunn

Born on 05.09.1979






Camilla Cathrine Collet was born on 10th September 1972 and on 3rd June 2000 she married Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard at Snesere, Peter having been born on 11th October 1966.  Peter is a Professor at the University of Copenhagen, while Camilla is a lawyer and partner in the law firm Gorrissen Federspiel.





Catharina Elisabeth Kurrild-Klitgaard

Born in 2005



Adam Johan Kurrild-Klitgaard

Born in 2009






Carl-Johan Gunnar Harald Collet was born on 15.07.1974 and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree and, contrary to previously published information, he has never worked in the field of education, but has an additional MBA and has worked as an investment banker and in real estate.  As far as is known, he had not married by 2006, and may not have been married when this family line was reissued in 2012.






Harald Peter Ferdinand Collet was born on 4th May 1976.  He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree at Yale University and became a Senior Production Manager with Oracle Corp.  On 26th June 2004 he married Kelly Ann Eng who was born on 30th May 1971.





James Peter Otto Collet

Born in 2005



a Collet daughter

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