The London Shoreditch Line to Canada

The Family Line of Alfred John Collett [1915 to 1944]

and John Allan Collett [1911 to 1992] Mayor of Merritt


Updated October 2023


The re-issue of this file in August 2016 resulted in the removal of the Shoreditch appendix at the end of the file, with

many of the individuals, previously contained therein, now included within Part 50 – The London to New Zealand Line




The information contained within this family line has been kindly provided by Sue Collett in Tasmania and relates, not to her family, but to a branch of the family originally from England which emigrated to Canada.  Many of the place names mentioned here also appear in Part 21 – The Cornwall Line.  Similarly, the focus of this family is Alfred John Collett (Ref. 65R2) of New Westminster in British Columbia who was killed in action over France during the Second World War.  He was the son of Edward Arthur Collett and Jesse Anne Laura Smith, while also in Part 21 there is another Alfred John Collett (Ref. 21R45), also of New Westminster, who was born at Plymouth in 1904, the son of Edward Charles Collett and Ann Bowden Gribble, who died at Calgary in 1956.




The Collett family of Merritt, Nicola Valley, British Columbia, were prominent in that area of Canada and even had a township named after them.  However, it was JOHN ALLAN COLLETT (Ref. 65Q13), the first of three of that name, who was Mayor of Merritt City for twenty-three years, who eventually became that city’s only Honorary Mayor.








This family line starts in England with Henry Collett who was born circa 1785








HENRY COLLETT was born around 1785 and was married to Sarah with whom he had a son.






Born in 1807 at Shoreditch, London






HENRY COLLETT was born in London on 14th October 1807 to parents previously unknown but now, thanks to Jennie Cordner, it has been confirmed that he was the son of Henry and Sarah Collett.  It was on 27th December 1807 that Henry Collett was baptised at Christ Church in Newgate Street within the city of London.  A separate record of the event has also been located within the Pallots Baptism Register where it was noted that Hy Collett, the son of Hy and Sarah Collett, was baptised at Christchurch, Newgate.




Henry was twenty-three when he was married by banns to Harriet Ford at the Church of St Michael Bassishaw on Basinghall Street in the City of London on 1st April 1831, Harriet having been born in Middlesex on 18th September 1810.  Just over two years later Harriet presented Henry with a son, their only known surviving child.  However, Harriet also gave birth to two daughters, neither of whom survived.  They were a set of twin daughters who were born at Shoreditch on 18th May 1835, who were baptised there on 16th June 1835.  That was also the same day that son Henry was also baptised, when their father was described as Henry Collett, a type founder.  Sadly, it was later that same year on 4th August that first Maria died, and she was followed by Harriet, who died on 17th June 1836, both of them buried at Hoxton.




According to the census in 1841 Henry and Harriet Collett had the same rounded age of 30, while their son Henry was eight years old, when the family was residing in Dorchester Street in St Leonards Shoreditch.  Henry senior and his son had both been born within that same registration district, while Harriet had not.  Henry’s stated occupation is unclear on the census sheet, but appears to be something like ‘foundries maker’.  That may have been an iron foundry’s mould maker, as the firm of Wells & Company was a commercial iron works in Shoreditch at that time.




It is very interesting that, on that census day, another Collett family, that of a second Henry and Harriet Collett, were residing in the Hoxton area of Shoreditch at the High Street with their family of five children; Harriet who was ten, Walter who was nine, Henry who was seven, Ann who was five and William who was two.  Their son Henry was Henry Lawrence Collett (Ref. 50O15) who was born on 2nd March 1834 and baptised at St Leonards Shoreditch on 7th April 1834.  Details of that second Collett family can now be found in Part 50 – The London to New Zealand Line, under Henry Lawrence Collett (Ref. 50N6).  He and his family were previously included in an appendix at the end of this file, which has now been transferred to Part 50 where it still retains brief details of other, so far, unrelated members of the family with a Shoreditch connection.




On 2nd July 1849, Henry Collett and his family arrived in New York on board the ship ‘Nicolai & Jovan’ on their way to a new life in Canada, and it was there at Bentinck in Grey County, Ontario, that they were recorded in the census of 1851 which actually took place in 1852.  Henry Collett senior from England was 43, his wife Mrs Collett was 41, while their son Henry Collett from England was 19.  Once again, ten years later the census for Bentinck in 1861 confirmed all three members of the family were still living there together, with Henry junior married by that time and with a family of his own.  Henry Collett from England was 53, his wife Harriet from England was 51.




Harriet Collett nee Ford died at Bentinck on 21st April 1865 and was buried in Lot 16 at St George’s Cemetery, North Durham Road in Grey County, just east of Hanover in Ontario, where a memorial stone carries her name and that of her husband (as shown here). 


Six years later widower Henry Collett was still residing in Bentinck at the time of the census in 1871 when he was 65 and was living with the family of his son Henry.  It was after a further six years that Henry Collett died at Hanover in Grey County on 24th August 1877 at the age of 69, following which he was laid to rest with his late wife Harriet when he was buried in Lot 16 at St George’s Cemetery in Grey County.


The headstone also confirms the dates of birth of both Henry and Harriet.






Born in 1833 at Shoreditch, London



Harriet Collett

Born in 1835 at Shoreditch, London



Maria Collett

Born in 1835 at Shoreditch, London






HENRY GEORGE COLLETT was born in Shoreditch, London, on 26th January 1833, but was not christened for over two years, when he was baptised in a joint ceremony with his two younger sisters at St Leonards Church in Shoreditch on 16th June 1835, when he was simply named as Henry Collett.  He was the only surviving child of Henry Collett and Harriet Ford, both his sisters dying during the next twelve months.  In the census of 1841 Henry Collett junior was eight years old, when he and his parents were residing in Dorchester Street in St Leonards Shoreditch.  Eight years later, Henry accompanied his parents to a new life in Canada when they arrived at New York on 2nd July 1849. 




By the time of the Canadian Census in 1851 Henry Collett from England was 19 and was residing at Bentinck in Grey County, Ontario with his father Henry Collet and his mother who was simply described as Mrs Collet.  Four years later, during 1855, Henry junior married Mary Ann Ellen Davidson who was also born in England on 9th August 1837 and baptised at St Peter’s Church in Liverpool on 9th January 1838, the daughter of John Davidson and his wife Mary Greenhow.  Fourteen years earlier in June 1841 Mary Ann Davidson was three years old when she was living with her family at Toxteth Park in Liverpool and it was when she was 11 years old that she and her parents sailed to Canada, arriving in 1849. 




All of the children of Henry and Mary Ann were born in Ontario and most likely at Bentinck, where the young family was living in January 1861 when the census that month recorded the family in error as Collet.  Henry Collet from England was 28, his wife Mary Ann Collet from England was 23, and their two sons on that occasion were Alfred G Collet, who was five, and Edward Collet who was three, both of then born at Upper Canada.  Mary Ann was with-child on the day of the census, and the couple’s third son was born two months later.  Also, at that time in their life, Henry and his family had living with them his father and mother.




Henry George Collett was a farmer and over the following ten years his mother passed away while further children were added to his family, all while they were still residing at Bentinck.  Once again, the Collett name was spelt with a single T in the Bentinck census of 1871 when Henry Collet was 36, Mary Ann was 31, Alfred was 13, Edward was 12, Joseph was eight, and Harriet was six.  Still living with the family Bentinck in Grey County was Henry’s widowed father Henry Collet, aged 65, who passed away six years later.  Mary Ann was very likely pregnant on the day of the census and was shortly due to present Henry with their fifth child who was born later that same year.  It is interesting that the census also revealed the children were born at Oto, which may be an abbreviation of Ontario or a reference to Ordo Templi Orientis or the Order of the Temple of the East.  It is likely to be the former, since the family religion was stated on the same census return as being Episcopalian.




By that time the census return confirmed that Henry Collett was a Church of England farmer of 48 who had been born in England, like his wife Mary Ann who was 42.  The six children living there with them were Alfred who was 24, Edward who was 22, Joseph who was 19, Harriet who was 14, John who was 10 and Charles who was only two years old.  All of the children were confirmed as having been born in Ontario, with the three eldest sons also described as farmers, presumably working with their father on the family’s farmstead.  On the day of the census in 1881 Mary Ann was with-child, the couple’s last child being born at Bentinck later that same year.




Also, later that same year, Henry’s second son Edward was married, and exactly three years after that Henry’s only known daughter married her brother-in-law, whose sister had married Edward.  Almost a year after Harriet was married Henry’s eldest son became a married man and started a family of his own.  However, by the time of the next census for Bentinck in 1891 Henry’s eldest son had lost his wife following childbirth, since Alfred and his baby son Arthur were living with Henry and Mary Ann.  Henry Collett was 58 and his wife was 52, who still had living on the farm with them their two youngest sons John aged 20, and Charles who was 12.  Widower Alfred was recorded in error as Alford Collett, who was 34, while his son Arthur was two years of age.  Where their married son Edward was has not been determined, although his wife Helen and their daughter Mary were living nearby in Bentinck, where they were staying at the home of her parents in 1891.




Just over six years later Henry George Collett died at Bentinck on 17th August 1897 at the age of 64, his death being recorded at Grey South, a province of Ontario.  He was then buried in Lot 16 with his parents at St George’s Cemetery near Hanover in Grey County where his grandson George Henry Collett was buried with his wife Mabel and their eldest son Robert George Collett.  It was at the registering of his death that his date of birth was recorded as 26th January 1833, the same as stated on the headstone which marks his grave, although that same headstone (shown right) includes an error regarding the year of his death, which could not have been 1887 when he was still alive and listed in the census of 1891.




It is now known that, following the death of her husband, the widow Mary Ann Collett travelled west to Nicola Valley with her unmarried son Charles D Collett to be with her married daughter Harriet.  Curiously no record of her has so far been found or identified within the next census in 1901, while by that time her three other sons, Joseph, John and Charles were recorded in the census return for Yale & Cariboo, where Mary was living ten years later.  The census in 1911 recorded Mary Collett at the age of 72 living with her son John Henry Collett with his wife Caroline and their son Henry E Collett at the Collett Ranch in the city of Merritt within the Yale and Cariboo district of British Columbia. 




Mary Ann Ellen Collett nee Davidson, a widow from England, was living at Collettville in Merritt when she died on 7th August 1928 at the age of 91, following which she was buried at the Nicola Anglican Cemetery in Merritt.  Her parents were then recorded as Jno Davidson and Mary Greenhow.  It was also at Merritt that three of her sons died over the next nineteen years.




Collettville came about in the early 1900s not long after the birth of Merritt.  According to former mayor John Allan Collett (Ref. 65P9), the miners approached Jack Collett, his father (John Henry Collett), and asked him to subdivide some of his ranch land.  Collettville was named after him and was built on his land and on adjoining crown land.  The first Collett to arrive in the Nicola Valley was actually Joe Collett (Ref. 65P3), the son of Mary Ann Collett nee Davidson, who settled there in the 1880s from Ontario.  The town of Collettville was originally inhabited by some of the 600 miners employed at Coal Hill and Middlesborough.  Today, in 2014, there is no place by the name of Collettville, whilst at 2021 Birch Avenue in Merritt you will find Collettville Elementary School.





Alfred George Collett

Born in 1856 at Bentinck, Grey County



Edward Collett

Born in 1857 at Bentinck, Grey County



Joseph Richard Collett

Born in 1861 at Bentinck, Grey County



Harriet Jane Collett

Born in 1866 at Bentinck, Grey County




Born in 1871 at Bentinck, Grey County



Charles D Albert Collett

Born in 1879 at Bentinck, Grey County






Alfred George Collett was born in Ontario on 22nd July 1856, the eldest of the seven children of Henry George Collett and Mary Ann Ellen Davidson.  In the census of 1861 his place of birth was simply recorded as Upper Canada, while it was at Bentinck in Grey County that his father had been living in 1851 and where Alfred G Collett was five years old in 1861.  In was also at Bentinck in Grey County, Ontario that he was still living with his family in 1871 when he was 13, while by 1881 he was a farmer at the age of 24.  It was four and a half years after that when he married (1) Ann Jane Smith from Ontario, the daughter of Alexander Smith and Hannah Bowes who was born in 1861. 




The marriage took place at Normanby in Grey County on 25th November 1885 when Alfred George Collett was 29, his parents were confirmed as Henry Collett and Mary Ann Davidson, and his bride was 24 years of age.  Ann was also born in Ontario, in 1861, the daughter of Alexander Smith and Hannah Bowes.  Around two years later Ann presented Alfred with their only child and it may have been that she never recovered from the ordeal because, she died four months later on 25th March 1889, at the age of 27.  On his own, and with a baby to look after, it was inevitably that Alfred returned to live with his parents at Bentinck, where he and the child were recorded in the census of 1891.  Alfred was recorded in error as Alford Collett aged 34 and a widower, while his son Arthur was two years of age, both of them being members of the Church of England.




Alfred remained unmarried for the best part of ten years after the death of Ann, and it was on 16th February 1898 at Nicola in British Columbia that he eventually married (2) Christina Schwartz nee Voght, when he was 42, although the record of their marriage stated that he was 40.  Christina was a widow of 30, the daughter of William and Clemma Voght who was born at North Bend in British Columbia on 26th March 1868.  Once again, the parents of Alfred Collett were confirmed as Henry Collett and Mary Ann Davidson.  Christina presented her husband with two sons over the next two years, the first possibly born shortly after they were married.




According to the next census in March 1901 the family was recorded in Nicola Valley, within the Yale and Cariboo census district of British Columbia.  Alfred was 42, Christina was 34, Arthur was 12, George was two and Baden was eleven months old.  Supporting the family was Edwin Riley aged 21 who was described as a domestic servant.  On the occasion of the birth of the couple’s son Frederick in 1905 the occupation of Alfred George Collett was stated as being that of a rancher.  It was the same situation in 1911 when the Merritt City census that year recorded the family as Alfred Collett aged 56 who was a retired farmer, Christina Collett who was 44, George H Collett who was 12, Baden R Collett who was 11, Joseph D Collett who was eight, Charles A Collett who was seven, Frederick V Collett who was five, and William C Collett was just one month old.




It is curious that at the time of the death of Christina Collett on 28th July 1916 at the City of Merritt in Nicola Valley, British Columbia, when she was 48, no mention was made of her husband even though it was acknowledged that she was married.  However, her parents were named at that time as William and Clemma Voght, and her date of birth was as quoted above.




By the time of the next census in June 1921 Alfred Collett, a widower of 65 years, was a lodger at a property in Merritt City, Nicola Valley, the home of the Rhodes family.  Also living there with him was his unmarried son George Henry Collett, one of only four surviving sons with no record of son William after 1911, of Joseph after 1928, and the death of son Frederick in 1933.  Ten years later widower Alfred George Collett, the son of Henry Collett, died at Merritt on 1st March 1931 at the age of 74.  It was also at Merritt in 1941 and 1947 that his two brothers Joseph and Charles were living when they passed away, and where his mother and sister also died.





Edward Arthur Collett

Born in 1888 at Allan Park, Grey County


The following are the children of Alfred George Collett and his second wife Christina:



George Henry Collett

Born in 1899 at Nicola



Baden Richard Collett

Born in 1900 at Nicola



Joseph Davidson Collett

Born in 1902 at Nicola



Charles Alfred Collett

Born in 1903 at Nicola



Frederick Voght Collett

Born in 1905 at Lower Nicola



William C Collett

Born in 1911 at Merritt City, Nicola Valley






Edward Collett was born at Bentinck in Grey County, Ontario in 1857, the son of Henry George and Mary Ann Collett.  In the Bentinck census of 1861 he was named in error as Edward Collet, aged three years.  He was 12 years old in the census of 1871 when he and his family were living at Bentinck in Grey County, and ten years later when he was 22 in the census of 1881 he was still living with his family at Bentinck where he was a farmer working with his father and his brothers.  It was later that same year, on 15th December 1881, that Edward Collett, aged 24, the son of Henry Collett and Mary A Davidson, married Helen (Ellen) Hunter, aged 26, the daughter of William Hunter and Margaret Corrie who was born at Gananoque in Leeds County, Ontario.  The wedding took place at Walkerton, five miles west of Hanover, in Bruce County, Ontario.  Helen Hunter was the sister of William Hunter who married Edward’s sister Harriet (below) three years later. 




So far, the only child of the couple that has been found was their daughter Mary and, judging by the results of the next two census returns Edward Collett was away from home in 1891 and died between then and 1901.  According to the census in 1891 Helen Collett, aged 35 and a married lady, was residing at the Bentinck home of her parents with her daughter Mary who was eight years of age.  With Helen’s husband passing away before 1901, the census that year recorded Helen Collett, aged 45 and a widow, as still living at Bentinck with her daughter Mary who was 18.  Living with them was Helen’s mother Margaret Hunter from Scotland who was also a widow at 81.  Helen and her mother were both Presbyterians, while daughter Mary Collett was Church of England.  It was on 20th December 1903 that Margaret Hunter nee Corrie from Scotland died while she was still living with her daughter Helen Collett.





Mary Margaret Collett

Born in 1883 at Ontario






Joseph Richard Collett was born at Bentinck in Grey County on 27th March 1861, the son of Henry George and Mary Ann Collett.  Joseph was eight years of age in the Bentinck census of 1871, while in the next census in 1881 he was 19 and a farmer working with his father and his two older brothers (above) on their farm at Bentinck.  Ten years later Joseph had left the family home but was still living and working within the area later to be known as Merritt, the first Collett to settle there.  It was during that decade when Joe Collett purchased Beaver Ranch at Quilchena towards the north end of Nicola Valley.  Later on, he owned and managed the Livery Stables in Merritt.  After the death of his father, Joe was still unmarried in 1901 when he was the head of the household at North Yale, in Yale & Cariboo, when he was 37.  Living there with him were his two younger brothers John (aka Jack) and Charles, the latter was married and had his wife and two children with him. 




It was on 11th January 1910 that Joseph Richard Collett married Alice May Armstrong in Vancouver.  Joseph was a bachelor at 47, the son of Henry Collett and Mary Ann Davidson, when his bride was only 29 and a widow from Kingston in Ontario, the daughter of Hugh McCaugherty and Minerva Amelia Mosier, who had been born at Frontenac, Ontario on 7th September 1880.  By the time of the census in 1921 the couple were living at Merritt with their only known child Joyce, who was 10 years old.  Joseph Richard Collett, who had established a livery stable at Merritt, died at Merritt in British Columbia on 5th December 1941 at the age of 79 and was buried in the Nicola Anglican Cemetery at Merritt.  His marital status was widower and his late spouse was named as Alice Collett, when once again his parents were confirmed as Henry Collett and Mary Ann Davidson.  This would indicate that his wife had already died by then. 




Author’s Note.  There appears to be some confusion between Joseph Richard Collett and Joseph Medie Collett.  Joseph Richard was the son of Henry Collett (as stated above), whereas Joseph Medie was the son of Edward Collett and he married Nettie Clare Mortimer who was a similar age to Joseph, having been born in 1862.  Nettie was the daughter of James Mortimer and had been born at Illinois in the USA and died at Kamloops in British Columbia at the age of 79 on 11th July 1932.  Joseph Medie Collett was born on 20th September 1860 in Quebec and died at Kamloops on 16th November 1946 aged 86.  Their joint memorial gravestone includes the inaccurate inscription “COLLETT ~ Nettie 1862-1932 and Joseph 1862-1947 ~ AT REST”.





Joyce Collett

Born in 1911 at Ontario






Harriet Jane Collett was born at Bentinck in Grey County on 28th May 1867, the only daughter of Henry and Mary Collett.  Harriet was curiously recorded as being aged six years in the Bentinck census of 1871 when she was living there with her family.  By the time of the census in 1881 Harriet Collett, aged 14, had left school and was most likely helping her mother look after the farmhouse and the family, while her father and her three older brothers worked on the land. 




It was just over three years later that Harriet married stagecoach driver Thomas Hunter at Hammon (?) in Grey County on 5th December 1884 with whom she had five children.  The registration of the marriage stated that Thomas was 23 and the son of William Hunter and Margaret Corrie, while Harriet Jane Collett was 18 and the daughter of Henry Collett and Mary Ann Davison (sic).  Almost exactly three years earlier Harriet’s brother Edward (above) had married Helen Hunter, the sister of Thomas Hunter.  Harriet Jane Hunter nee Collett died on 9th March 1907, aged 39, and was buried at the Nicola Anglican Cemetery in Merritt, British Columbia, next to the grave of her mother Mary Ann Collett.




According to the 1901 Census return Harriet and Thomas had the following children living with them at Nicola, and they were Harriet Ellen Hunter (born 8th July 1885), William H Hunter (born 16th June 1887), Floretta Hunter (born 27th August 1890) all born in Grey County, and John I Hunter (born 11th March 1892 and Edna May Hunter (21st September 1895), both born at Nicola, British Columbia.  Thomas Hunter was born at Ganonoque, Leeds, Ontario, in 1861.






JOHN HENRY COLLETT was born at Bentinck in Grey County on 27th April 1871, the son of Henry and Mary Collett.  He was 10 years old in the census of 1881 and was 20 in 1891, on both occasions he was living with his family at Bentinck.  It was at Wellington in Ontario on 22nd September 1898 that he married Caroline Mary Lobsinger who was born at Dumston in Ontario on 18th January 1878, the daughter of George Lobsinger and Mary Ueberschlag.  Six months later their son was born at Quilchena near the city of Merritt on the south shore of Nicola Lake on, meaning Caroline was already with-child on her wedding day.  By the time of the census in 1901 John, aged 29, and Caroline, aged 23, were staying at the home of his brother Joseph Richard Collett in North Yale with their son Henry who was two and their daughter Irene who was one month old.  By that time in his life he was known as Jack Collett, whilst it was in 1906, possibly after the death of their next child, that he purchased ranch land at nearby Merritt which later became established as the Collett Ranch in Collettville.  And it was there that the couple’s second child died at the age of eight years and where their fourth and last child was born.




According to the Merritt census in 1911 John Henry Collett was 39, his wife Caroline was 33, and their son Henry E Collett was 12.  Sadly, by that time the couple had lost two children, although Caroline was four months into her pregnancy for their fourth and last known child, who was born five months later.  Staying with the family on the day of the census that year was Henry’s widowed mother Mary Ann Collett who was 72.  She was still living with the family in 1916 when Jack built the ‘big house’ on the ranch, the family having previously lived in the bunk house, where his son John Allan had been born five years earlier.  In 1921 it was just the couple’s youngest child John Allan Collett who was living with John and Caroline in Merritt City, as well as Jack’s mother Mary Ann who continued to live with them until her death in 1928.




It was Jack Collett who was later approached by the miners in that area, when he was asked to provide some of his land for a new township, which he did, and out of which arose Collettville which was named after him.  It is also known that the fourth child of Jack Collett and Caroline Lobsinger was John Allan Collett, who later became mayor of the city of Merritt.




Caroline Mary Collett nee Lobsinger died at Collettville, Merritt in British Columbia on 21st December 1932 while, like some of his siblings (above and below), John Henry Collett of Merritt died in St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver on 4th September 1945, when he was 74.  His failing health meant he spent ten days in Merritt Hospital before being transferred to St Paul’s for special examination and treatment.  In the end he underwent an operation and passed away one week later.





Henry Edward Collett

Born in 1899 at Quilchena, nr Merritt



Mary Irene Collett

Born in 1901 at Quilchena, nr Merritt



a Collett daughter

Born in 1906 at Quilchena, nr Merritt




Born in 1911 at Merritt, Brit Columbia






Charles D Albert Collett was born at Bentinck in Grey County on 10th February 1879, the son of Henry George Collett and Mary Ann Davidson, his name being registered on that occasion at Charles D Albert Collett.  He was known as Charlie, but it was as Charles Collett aged two years that he was recorded with his family at Bentinck in 1881, where he was still living ten years later when he was 12 in the census of 1891.  Ten years later Chas D Collett was 22 when he was staying at the home of his older brother Joseph Richard Collett (above) at North Yale.  Less than six months after the census day in 1901 Charles D Albert Collett married Elizabeth Beatrice McKitrick at Lower Nicola in British Columbia on 22nd June 1901.  He was described as being 22 and a bachelor, the son of Henry and Mary Ann Collett born in Grey County, while his bride was only 17 and the daughter of Patrick and Adelaide McKitrick who had been born on 24th June 1883 at Lower Nicola in Yale County, British Columbia.  Elizabeth, who was known as Bessie and is reputed to be the first white woman born in Nicola Valley, was expecting the couple’s first child on their wedding day, with their daughter born at Nicola Valley just three months later.  She was followed by the birth of three more children over the next ten years.




Their son was born at Nicola or Lower Nicola two years later.  In May 1912 the name of Edgar Collett aged eight years appeared on the passenger list of The Empress of Ireland at Quebec, although curiously he was not with his parents.  In the census of 1921 Charles and Bessie had three children living with them and they were James who was 18, Lilian who was 16 and Albert who was 10.




It was at Merritt in British Columbia that Charles Dealbert Collett died on 20th April 1947 at the age of 68.  Curiously on that occasion his place of birth was stated as being Allan Park, while his father was named as George Henry Collett.  His mother was correctly named as Mary Ann Davidson and his wife as Elizabeth Beatrice Collett nee McKitrick.  It was also at Merritt that his mother and four older siblings had died prior to his passing, and where many years later his widow Elizabeth Beatrice Collett nee McKitrick died on 28th October 1978 at the age of 95.





Nellie May Collett

Born in 1901 at Nicola Valley



James Edgar Collett

Born in 1903 at Nicola Lake



Lilian Collett

Born in 1905 in British Columbia



Albert Collett

Born in 1911 in British Columbia






Edward Arthur Collett was born at Allan Park near Hanover in Grey County, Ontario on 21st November 1888, the only child of Alfred George Collett and his first wife Ann Jane Smith.  Following the death of his mother, four months after he was born, he and his father went to live with Edward’s grandparents at Bentinck where he was recorded as Arthur Collett aged two years in the Bentinck census of 1891.  Following his father marrying for a second time in 1898, neither father and son, nor his stepmother, have been identified within the census of 1901 or any census thereafter.




Exactly ten years after the 1901 Census that Edward Arthur Collett married Jesse Anne Laura Smith on 15th March 1911 at Spence’s Bridge in British Columbia (within the registration district of Kamloops), 40 miles north of Merritt and 50 miles west of Kamloops.  Edward, a Presbyterian, was 22, a rancher and a bachelor from Allan Park, the son of Alfred George Collett and Jane Smith, while his bride was a spinster of 26 from Spences Bridge, the daughter of John Smith from Scotland.  Jesse Anne Smith from Spain was slightly older than Edward, having been born at Spence’s Bridge on 22nd January 1885. 




Their marriage produced four children for the couple, with the last two born in the same year which may mean that they were a set of twins.  While no date of death for Edward has so far been located, his wife Jesse Anne Laura Collett nee Smith passed away during 1965. 





Elsie Collett

Born in 1913 in British Columbia



Alfred John Collett

Born in 1915 in British Columbia



Jean Collett       twin

Born in 1917 in British Columbia



Lloyd Collett       twin

Born in 1917 in British Columbia






George Henry Collett was born at Nicola on 3rd March 1899 the first child of Alfred George Collett by his second and much younger wife Christina Schwartz nee Voght.  In the census of 1901 he was still living at Nicola with his family when, as George Collett, he was two years old.  On 2nd June 1917 unmarried George, a teamster, enlisted with the army and signed his attestation papers on that day which also confirmed his father Alfred as his next-of-kin.  Four years later George Henry Collett was 22 and a lodger at the home of the Rhodes family in Merritt where his widowed father was also residing at that time on 1st June 1921.  By that time in his short life he had suffered the death of four of his five younger brothers.




Just over two years after that George Henry Collett arrived in Seattle in the USA during September 1923, and it was on 18th January 1926 in Los Angeles that he took up American citizenship.  He was still living in the Los Angeles area in 1930 when the census that year confirmed he was married with a two-year-old son.  Around three years earlier he had married Mabel Butterfield who was born in Wyoming on 21st July 1902 the daughter of Levi Barros Butterfield and Margaret Ann Peterson.  George was 30 in 1930 and Mabel was 27.




In addition to their son Robert, the couple had another son whose details have not been revealed as he was still living in 2014.  It was at Glendale in Los Angeles that the family was residing in 1940 when George was 41, Mabel was 37, Robert was 11 and Clarence was 10, while in 1951 their address was 3504 Las Palmas Avenue in Glendale. 




It was at that same address that they were living in 1960 when George was working as a mechanic.  Sixteen years later the death of George Henry Collett was recorded in Los Angeles on 13th November 1976.  Mabel Collett nee Butterfield remained a widow until her death in Glendale on 22nd February 1990 at the age of 87, and it must have been after that when a memorial plaque was erected which also included the name of the eldest son.  It is unclear at this time as to who Helen P Hick was, whose name is also listed.





Robert George Collett

Born in 1928 at Los Angeles, USA



Clarence Arthur Collett

Born in 1929 at Los Angeles, USA






Baden Richard Collett was born at Nicola in British Columbia on 12th April 1900, the second son of Alfred and Christina Collett.  It was simply as Baden Collett aged eleven months that he was living with his family at Nicola in the March census of 1901.  Tragically, he was only nineteen years old when he died at Merritt in British Columbia on 16th September 1919 when he was recorded as Baden Rickie Collett.  The cause of death was the rupture of his appendix (appendicitis).






Joseph Davidson Collett was born at Nicola Valley during August 1902 and was eight years old in the Yale & Cariboo census of 1911.  Ten years later, at the age of 18, he was living with his aunt and uncle in Nicola.  Less than three years after that Joseph arrival at Portal on North Dakota in the USA during January 1924 when he was 21.  That same year he settled in Davenport, Scott County in Iowa, where he was also residing at the time of the census in 1925, by which time he was 22 and working as a renter.  He was still living there in 1928, but thereafter he moved to Los Angeles where he lived in a YMCA hostel, and died there.






Charles Alfred Collett was born at Nicola Valley in May 1903, almost exactly nine months after the birth of his older brother Joseph (above).  He was the fourth son of Alfred and Christina Collett and as Charles A Collett he was seven years old in the City of Merritt, Nicola Valley census of 1911.  He was 27 years old when he married by licence to Ada Waller at Vancouver on 19th July 1931, when Charles Alfred Collett was confirmed as the son of Alfred G Collett and Christina Voight.  Ada was only 19 and was the daughter of Edward Waller and Ellen Pearson from England, and had been born at Calgary in Alberta during 1912.  It was at Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where Charles Alfred Collett died on 5th July 1987, at the age of 84.  It is unclear whether or not they had any children.






Frederick Voght Collett was born at Lower Nicola in British Columbia on 18th July 1905 and was the third child of Alfred and Christina Collett.  His birth was registered by his father at Kamloops on 25th October 1905 (Ref. 92325-185), and he was five years old in the City of Merritt census of 1911.  Frederick was actually only nineteen years old when he was married by licence (no. 84652) to Melvina Chartrand on 12th August 1924 at Keremeos in British Columbia.  The marriage certificate gave his age as 22 and his occupation as truck driver, and that he was a bachelor and a Presbyterian.  He was residing in Merritt at the time, which was also noted as the place of his birth.




His bride was a widow of 25, also of Merritt, who was a housekeeper who had been born at Taloga in Dewey County, Oklahoma, the daughter of Leonard William Brand and Marguerite Lottie Palmer.  The witnesses were Goldie Brand and Margaret Lottie Mallory.




His two older surviving brothers George and Joseph both left Canada to start a new life in America, and it was perhaps by their example and persuasion from his American wife that resulted in the couple arriving in Oroville in Washington just six weeks after their wedding day.  However, their time living in America was fair short-lived, when they returned to British Columbia where their son and only child was born in 1926.




It was only nine years later that Frederick Voght Collett died at Nicola Valley General Hospital in Merritt on 24th November 1933 at the age of 28.  His death certificate confirmed that he was married, the son of Alfred Collett and Christina Voght, and that the cause of death was nephritis resulting from lead poisoning, possibly associated with his work as a mill hand.  Judging by the photograph above, Frederick was a member of the Canadian military at sometime during his short life. 





Frederick Alfred Collett

Born in 1926






William Clemma Collett, who was known as Clem, was born at Merritt City in Nicola Valley on 1st May 1911 and was listed as being only one month old in the June census that year.  He was final child of Alfred George Collett and his second wife Christina Schwartz nee Voght.  His family confirmed that at some time in his life, Clem moved to Eugene in Oregon.  The death of Clem Collett was recorded in Oregon during August 1980 at the age of 69.






Mary Margaret Collett was born at Ontario on 27th May 1883, the only known child of Edward Collett and Helen (Ellen) Hunter.  Her father has not been identified in the census of 1891 when Mary, aged eight years, and her mother were staying with Mary’s maternal grandparents in Bentinck.  Furthermore, her father had died by the time of the next census in 1901, as Mary Collett aged 18 was still living at Bentinck in West Grey, Grey County, Ontario, with her widowed mother Helen who was 45.  Also recorded at the same address was Mary maternal grandmother Margaret Hunter from Scotland who was 81.  It was over twelve years later, when was thirty years old, that Mary Margaret Collett married James Frederick Donald on 10th September 1913 at Souris in Manitoba.  She was ten days short of her 52nd birthday, when Mary Margaret Collett Donald died on 17th May 1935 in Souris, Brandon County, Manitoba, after which she was buried at Souris Glenwood Cemetery.  The registration of her death confirmed that her father was Edward Collett, that her mother was Ellen Hunter, and that her husband was James F Donald.






Henry Edward Collett, who was known as Harry, was born at Quilchena near the city of Merritt on the south shore of Nicola Lake on 29th March 1899, the son of John Henry Collett and Caroline Mary Lobsinger.  On 11th June 1924 Henry Edward Collett, a bachelor aged 25, married Victoria Jean Bishop Coles, a spinster of 22, at Merritt.  The groom’s parents were confirmed as John Henry Collett and Caroline M Lobsinger.  The bride was the daughter of John Langdon Coles and Mary Elizabeth Malcolm, who had been born at Greenwood in British Columbia.  Henry Edward Collett was 86 when he died at Vancouver on 4th November 1985, the husband of Jean Victoria B Coles who survived him by four years when she passed away on 11th February 1989.  The death of Jean Victoria Collett nee Coles at the age of 87 was recorded in Vancouver.






Mary Irene Collett, who was known as Polly, was born at Quilchena on 23rd January 1901 the daughter of John (Jack) Henry Collett and Caroline Lobsinger.  She was just eight years old when she died on 13th February 1909 at Collett Ranch in what was later the township of Collettville.  A memorial gravestone marks the plot where she was buried with the inscription “Mary Irene beloved daughter of J H & C Collett Jan 23 1901 – Feb 13 1909”.






Another Collett daughter was born to Jack and Caroline Collett, their third child, who was born at Quilchena on 15th November 1906.  Tragically the child only survived for four days, when its death from jaundice was recorded on 19th November 1906.






JOHN ALLAN COLLETT was born at Merritt on 31st October 1911 and was the fourth child of John Henry (Jack) Collett and Caroline Lobsinger.  He entered school just as the world was recovering from the First World War and graduated from Merritt High School as the world entered a shattering international depression.  He was recorded with his parents in the Merritt census of 1921.  In April 1932, when Allan Collett was twenty-one years old, the city was placed in receivership by the Province, its Council replaced by an appointed commissioner.  Allan then witnessed, at close hand, the subsequent nineteen years in receivership, after Merritt had failed to make good the Pine Mill bonds it guaranteed in 1928.




Up until late 1951, Allan Collett worked with the local Board of Trade and Civic Improvement League to make the best of a bad hand.  He was in the forefront of those calling for a return to self-government in the late forties, but was told by Provincial officials that the city had to be free of all capital debt before reversion, and that was calculated to take place on 2nd January 1954. 




The theme of his first election set the tone for every election Allan Collett would enter throughout his career in municipal politics.  He advocated "caution in financial business” and said he would "make no promises of policy until the City was out of debt".  The citizens of Merritt went to the polls on Thursday 3rd December 1951 and, when the ballot papers were counted, Allan Collett was declared the winner with three times the vote of his erstwhile rival William Barton.




When he finally retired from civic politics, after twenty-three years of unexcelled leadership, his fellow council members - those who had worked with him and others who had opposed him - were unanimous in the decision to declare him a Freeman of the Town and name him Honorary Mayor, the first and only time in Merritt's history the honor has been granted.




At the ceremony, speaker after speaker lauded Allan Collett's accomplishments in and out of office, with the School District's Superintendent, McPhee, coming up with one of the more unusual compliments when he referred to Mayor Collett as "the Gordie Howe of Municipal Government”.  John Allan Collett's life encompassed much more than civic politics; he was one of the province's premier athletes in his younger years, a devoted husband and father, and a dedicated rancher. 




He was married to Gloria Edith Morrissey (born on 17th October 1917; died during 1998) at Merritt on 22nd December 1939 with whom he had two sons and a daughter, the youngest son suffering an early death at the age of 44.  It was just two years after the death of his youngest son in 1990 that John Allan Collett senior passed away, while a patient in Nicola Valley General Hospital, on 9th February 1992 when he was survived by the following members of his family:




His wife Gloria Edith Collett, his daughter Caroline Pound and her two children Teresa Pound and Anne Pound, his son John Collett junior and his three children Paula Collett, Michael Collett and Johnny Collett, and his two great grandchildren by his grandson Johnny, David Lloyd Collins and Jennifer Rose Collins.




The Will of John Allan Collett was made on 9th October 1991 and was admitted to probate on 1st September 1992, seven months after his death, when the executors were named as his wife Gloria, his daughter Caroline and William Henry Grayson, an accountant.  During the following year his son John Allan Collett brought a Wills variation action which resulted in the Will be varied by Mr Justice Hunter on 15th February 1993.  The variation occurred at Kamloops Registry (No. 19639) when John was named as the plaintiff, with the defendants listed as his mother Gloria, his sister Caroline, William Henry Grayson, Teresa Pound, Anne Pound, Paula Collett, Michael Collett and Johnny Collett.




At that time the estate was valued at around Three Million Dollars and in April 1993 some of the assets of the estate were sold resulting in a significant amount of money being available.  Also that same month, John’s widow requested a capital distribution of One Million Dollars be paid out to Caroline ($250,000), John ($250,000) and $100.000 to each of Paula, Michael, Johnny, Teresa and Anne.  In January 1994 the estate made loans to Caroline ($150,000) and $60,000 to each of Michael, Teresa and Paula.  Each of them signed a loan agreement, while John and Johnny did not apply for a loan, with John objecting to the loan procedure.




Matters then came to a head later that same year when first Johnny passed away on 16th February 1994, followed by Michael who died on 5th November 1994 whose daughter Paige Collett-Arduini was born during May 1995.  When Gloria Edith Collett died on 25th June 1998 the residue of her late husband’s estate was to be divided into two shares, one for her two surviving children Caroline and John, the other to be equally divided between Teresa, Anne, Paula, David and Jennifer, and Michael’s daughter Paige. 




Four years earlier, proceedings were commenced on 26th July 1994 by executor William Henry Grayson regarding the management and administration of the assets of the estate by John Allan Collett junior.  John had dealt with the sale of some of the cattle and the parties could not agree on the accounting for that sale.  On 13th March 1995 the court ordered a trial to look into the issue of the sale of assets.  Over four years after that the matter was again raised in court on 30th August 1999 when a consent order was made that day.




It was hoped that the dispute would finally be settled in the Supreme Court of British Columbia at Kamloops on 18th October 2000 presided over by The Honourable Mr Justice R E Powers, with his final ruling being made six days later on 26th October 2000.  However, that was not the end of the matter, the details of which were eventually completed during 2012 when the remaining funds were presented to the court appointed Judicial Trustee.




In 2015 John’s granddaughter Paula Collett (Ref. 65S2) in Alberta, wrote to the Mayor of the City of Merritt, British Columbia, her letter later published by the council in the Merritt Herald on 1st October 2015.  Whilst no formal reply was ever received, Paula was very pleased when, on 24th May 2018, the following was recorded under the headline

Charters Street Properties Reserved For Biodiversity Purposes”.




City of Merritt approving plans for "Colletts Island" Nature Sanctuary.  The park dedication bylaw approved at Tuesday's regular meeting will ensure 2801, 2802 and 2807 Charters Street stay reserved for biodiversity conservation purposes.  Councillor Deanna Norgaard was very happy to recognize one of Merritt's oldest families in the process.  She said "They were very important in this valley for many, many years.  This is their tract of land that we are putting forward.  And, I think we need to acknowledge the Collett family for all they have done for the valley."  Unsuitable for development, 2801, 2802 and 2807 Charters St were purchased by the City of Merritt in August of 2015, at a cost of $75,000.


Paula’s original letter read as follows:




Dear Mayor Menard and council members, I would like to extend my sincere thank you and gratitude on behalf of my surviving family, regarding the decision made to purchase the Charters Street lots in Merritt, BC also known as the island.  The island is one of the remaining properties that form part of my late father’s estate, John Allan Collett.  My father purchased this land from my grandfather’s estate in the 90s with hopes of developing this into a park.  Unfortunately, he passed away before he could see this happen.  The good news is this little piece of property has been an untouched located in the middle of Merritt.  In 1949 an agreement was made between my grandfather and the City of Merritt.  My grandfather gave some of his land to the city to divert the Nicola River, to prevent flooding of Merritt.  In exchange, and because this created a piece of my grandfather’s land to become an island, the city would provide a five ton bridge across for access to the property. 




Thankfully this never proceeded and as a result this unblemished property is home to hundreds of birds.  During the 30s and 40s, my grandfather spent many years working hard to pull Merritt out of receivership.  In November 1951, Merritt returned to a self-governing community.  My grandfather continued his leadership for the next 23 years as mayor.  When he retired, his council members voted “Allan Collett a freeman of the town” and named him honorary mayor – the first and only time in Merritt’s history the honour has been granted.




I am attaching an article written by a former reporter of the Merritt Herald published when my grandfather passed away in 1992.  It is my deepest hopes that your Worship Mayor Menard and council members will dedicate this wildlife sanctuary in memory of Allan John who, as Mr Evans-Cockle reported, “Mayor Allan Collett was a definite force in the growth and development of Merritt”.





Gloria Caroline Collett

Born circa 1940 at Merritt




Born in 1943 at Merritt



Henry Edward Collett

Born in 1946 at Merritt






Nellie May Collett was born at Nicola Valley on 15th September 1901 just three months after her parents were married, her birth being registered at Nicola Lake.  She was baptised at Lytton, the daughter of Charles Dealbert Collett and Elizabeth Beatrice.  Tragically, she was 13 years of age when she died at Merritt on 28th September 1914 when she was confirmed as the child of Charles D Collett and Bessie McKitrick.






James Edgar Collett was born at Nicola Lake on 10th November 1903 and it was at Lower Nicola where his parents Charles Dealbert Collett and Elizabeth Beatrice McKitrick were married two years earlier.  His birth was also registered at Nicola Lake like that of his sister Nellie (above).  He never married and it was at Merritt that the death of James Edgar Collett was recorded on 6th February 1962 at the age of 58.






Alfred John Collett was born in British Columbia on 17th August 1915, the son of Edward Arthur Collett and Jesse Anne Laura Smith.  It was on 25th April 1936 at Maillardville in British Columbia that he married Marcella Sara Madden, with their only known child being born later that same year.  Marcella was born at Thief River Falls in Minnesota on 24th December 1913.  On 23rd April 1939 the family of three was recorded crossing the boundary line between Canada and the USA, when Alfred’s place of birth was stated as being Alberta.  The purpose of that ‘visit’ is not known, but it is established that the family later returned to Canada and settled in New Westminster, BC.  The next record confirms that Alfred enlisted with the Royal Canadian Air Force at the start of the Second World War and saw active service in Europe, during which he lost his life.




Pilot Officer and Air Gunner Alfred John Collett of the RCAF, service number J/89954, was stationed at RAF Binbrook in England with No. 460 Squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Force.  He was just short of his twenty-ninth birthday when he was killed in action near Paris on 11th June 1944, following which he was buried at Viroflay New Communal Cemetery just west of Versailles – Grave 23, Row B.  His premature death happened when his aircraft, a Lancaster Bomber, was flying towards Paris during a night raid and tragically collided with overhead high-tension lines, resulting in the loss of all crew members.  At that time, his home address was 232 Blue Mountain Road in New Westminster, British Columbia.  His widow survived him by fifty-four years when Marcella Sara Collett nee Madden died on 7th August 1998.




No. 460 Squadron was formed at Molesworth, Huntingdonshire, on 15th November 1941, as a bomber squadron equipped with Wellington aircraft.  Originally part of No. 8 Group, it moved and transferred to Breighton, Yorkshire, and No. 1 Group early in January 1942, and began operations on 12/13th March. In September 1942, the squadron "stood down" to re-equip with Halifax Bombers, but in October it began to re-arm with Lancaster Bombers instead. In May 1943 the squadron moved to Binbrook in Lincolnshire, where it remained based until July 1945.





Coleen Collett

Born in 1936 in British Columbia






Robert George Collett was born in Los Angeles on 9th July 1928 the eldest son of George Henry Collett and Mabel Butterfield of Wyoming.  He was one year and nine months old in the census of 1930 and was 11 in the census of 1940 when living with his family in Glendale, where they were residing at 3504 Las Palmas Avenue in Glendale in 1950.  He was married twice, the first time at Santa Barbara on 21st January 1961, although the details of the bride have not been revealed.  Then, thirteen years later on 12th June 1974, Robert was married in Los Angeles for the second time.  On that occasion Robert was 46 and his bride Viola was 49.  However, the registration documentation contains two names for his new wife who may also have been married before, when she was jointly recorded as Viola M Newberry and Viola M Devore.  Robert George Collett was still living in Los Angeles when he died on 14th June 1984, his name appearing with those of his parents on a memorial plaque in the city.






Clarence Arthur Collett was born at Los Angeles on 25th November 1929, the son of George and Mabel Collett.  He was one year old in 1930, was 10 in the Glendale census of 1940, and by 1950 he and his family were living at 3504 Las Palmas Avenue in Glendale.  Three years after that Clarence married Jean Marilyn McDonald at Los Angeles on 30th January 1953, when his parents were confirmed as George Collett and Mabel Butterfield, while the bride’s parents were named as John McDonald and Laura Greenlee. 






Frederick Alfred Collett was born at Hedley in British Columbia on 31st May 1926, the only child of Frederick Voght Collett and Melvina Chartrand, nee Brand.  Frederick Alfred Collett married Dorothy Arlene Dugas and they had a daughter Paula who, in 2019 provided brief details for her father, her mother, and a cousin Janie Collett whose place in this family line has still to be determined.  Her father suffered a premature death at the age of only 41, when Frederick Alfred Collett died at Glen Lake, Vancouver Island, British Columbia on 22nd October 1967 and was buried at Hatley Memorial Gardens in Colwood.





Paula Ann Collett

Date of birth not known






Gloria Caroline Collett was born at Merritt around 1940, the first child of John Allan Collett and Gloria Edith Morrissey, who is known within the family as Caroline.  She married John Pound with whom she has two daughters Teresa Pound and Gloria Anne Pound who is known as Anne.  In 2014 Caroline Pound and her married daughter Teresa Grieg were residing at Big Valley in Alberta.






JOHN ALLAN COLLETT junior was born at Merritt on 7th July 1943, the son of John Allan Collett and Gloria Edith Morrissey.  It was in the early 1960s that he married Arlene Atkinson who was born on 17th January 1943 and their marriage produced a daughter and two sons.  However, while they were still married John had an affair with Arlene’s best friend, the outcome of which was the birth of another daughter.  The child, Pamela Theile, only discovered who her father was when she was fifteen years old and they met for the first time around 1999.  It was around three years earlier that John and Arlene were divorced, following which Arlene reverted to her maiden-name and currently lives in Merritt.  Once they were divorced John had a further relationship with Maricel Loquino from the Philippines which produced another daughter, Katrina Alexi Loquino born in 2005, whose name was changed to Collett following his death three years later, by which time John and Maricel had parted company.  Both Maricel and Katrina were named in his obituary.  At the time of the death of John Allan Collett in 2008 his two sons had already passed away, as had his brother Casey (below) and his parents.  His obituary (below) was published on the In-Memoriam website:




“John Allan Collett passed away suddenly and peacefully on Monday 17th November 2008 at Vancouver General Hospital.  He was surrounded by his loving family at the time of his passing.  John was born into a prominent pioneering family to Allan and Gloria [nee Morrissey] Collett on 7th July 1943.  John was known for his athletic ability and enjoyed baseball, track and field and Rodeo.  He was president of the Nicola Valley Rodeo Association for many years.  He was part of the ranching community to which he dedicated the majority of his life.  Later John sold the Collett Ranch and began a new way of life, which included travelling the world and meeting his companion Maricel Loquino in the Philippines.  John is survived by Maricel Loquino of the Philippines, sister Caroline Pound of Big Valley in Alberta, daughters Paula Collett of Canmore in Alberta, Pamela Ferman of Vancouver and Katrina Loquino of the Philippines, his grandchildren: Corey Collett, Jennifer and David Collins, Paige Collett-Arduini, nieces, Teresa Grieg [nee Pound] and Anne Pound; cousins Kerry Morrissey, Mark Pooley, Lisa Leduc, Sue Berkes, and Carmen Ross.  John was predeceased by his loving parents Allan and Gloria Collett, brother Casey Collett; two sons John Collett and Michael Collett, and grandson Kyle Kramb.  John was a kind and generous man.  His smile and hearty laugh will be truly missed.”  The funeral service took place at the Sacred Heart Church on Jackson Avenue in Merritt at 11 a.m. on Saturday 22nd November 2008.





Paula Anne Collett

Born in 1964




Born in 1965



Michael David Collett

Born in 1969


The following is the daughter of John Allan Collett from a liaison with Helen Theile:



Pamela Theile

Date of birth unknown


The following is the daughter of John Allan Collett by Maricel Loquino:



Katrina Alexi Collett - formerly Loquino

Born on 25.11.2005

at Bacolod City in the Philippines’






Henry Edward Collett, who was known as Casey, was born at Merritt during 1946, the youngest of the three children of John Allan Collett and Gloria Edith Morrissey.  At the time of the death of his brother John Allan Collett (above) in 2008 Henry Edward Collett was referred to as “Casey Collett the predeceased brother of John Allan Collett”, with Henry having died in 1990.






Paula Anne Collett was born on 26th August 1964, the eldest of the three children of John Allan Collett and Arlene Atkinson.  Her partner Dale Ernest Kramb was the father of both of her children, although the birth of their son Corey, who was born on 7th October 1986, was registered using the Collett surname.  Their second child, Kyle Dale Kramb, who was born on 5th July 1989, sadly died on 7th April 1997.  It was just over one year after the tragedy that Paula and Dale went through a separation during May 1998.  At the time of the death of her father in 2008 his obituary stated that Paula Collett was living at Canmore in Alberta, while by 2014 Paula and her son Corey were together and residing at Airdrie in Alberta.  It is thanks to Paula that this family line was extended in 2014.





Corey Michael Collett

Born in 1986






JOHN ALLAN COLLETT, who was known as Johnny, was born on 29th November 1965, the second child of John Allan Collett and his wife Arlene Atkinson.  During the latter half of the 1980s John took Gina Rose Collins to be his common law wife and together they had two children, but separated two years after the birth of the second child in September 1992.  Jennifer Rose Collins, who graduated and received her Bachelor of Social Work in May 2013, was born on 17th September 1988 and David Lloyd Collins, who is in his final year in 2014 to receive his red seal in carpentry at Thompson Rivers University, was born on 27th June 1990.  Two years after the separation John Allan Collett who battled with schizophrenia suffered a premature death at the age of 29, when he died on 16th February 1994.






Michael David Collett was born on 2nd April 1969 the youngest of the three children of John Allan Collett and Arlene Atkinson.  Like his brother John (above), Michael was also very young when he died on 5th November 1994, just nine months after the death of his brother.  However, prior to his passing he had a relationship with Theresa Arduini out of which was born his daughter Paige Michaela Collett Arduini who was born on 26th May 1995, under seven months from the death of his father.  Paige later changed her name to Paige Michael Collett Arduini and in 2014 was in her second year to obtain her business degree at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.






Pamela Theile was the daughter of John Allan Collett and Helen Theile who, by the time of the death of her father in 2008, was referred to as “his daughter Pamela Ferman of Vancouver”.