The France to New Zealand Line


Updated October 2018



This is the family line of Dot McCulloch nee Collett (Ref. 66R2) of Gisborne in New Zealand

whose Collett family lived at Chapel Street behind the Catholic Cathedral in Auckland


Major contributions toward the compilation of this family line have been gratefully

received from Dot McCulloch and from Kelvin Parker of Christchurch in New Zealand




It may be significant that a Magdalen Collette married to become Magdalen Hendebourcq and

her Will was made in 1722, according to the Somme Archives. 








Germaine Collette and his wife Jeanne Godefroy had a son Francois whose estimated year of birth must be around 1680 at the latest.  If so, this event very likely means that Germaine Collette was born around 1655-1660.





Francois Collette

Born circa 1680






Francois Collette was first married to (1) Marie Hellot at Maromme in France on 4th September 1701, placing his year of birth around 1680.  Eight years later he married (2) Adrienne La Vatinne or Adrianne La Vatinne on 29th May 1720 at La Houssaye Beranger.





Charles Collette

Born in 1729 at Bondeville






Charles Collette was born at Notre Dame de Bondeville on 16th January 1729 and died there on 6th August 1760.  He married Genevieve Le Porc who was born on 30th March 1731 at Esclaveles in France, their wedding taking place at Notre Dame de Bondeville on 24 November 1750.





Pierre Collette

Born in 1756 at Bondeville






Pierre Collette was born at Notre Dame de Bondeville on 9th March 1756, while it was at Rouen where he died on 5th January 1822.  It was on 10th October 1780 that he married Marie Madeleine Francoise Aubin in the parish of St Marie la Petite in Rouen.  Marie was born within the Parish of St Gervais in Rouen on 30th October 1762 the daughter of Jacques Etienne Aubin (born 31st July 1734 at Notre Dame de la Ronde in Rouen; died 9th September 1782 at St Marie la Petite in Rouen) and his wife Marie Françoise Masson (born 3rd February 1735 in the Parish of St Gervais, Rouen).  It may also be of interest that Marie had a brother Louis Jacques Aubin.  Pierre and Marie Collette appear to have lived all their married life together at Rouen, since it was there at the family home that Marie died five years before her husband in 1817.





Jacques Pierre Collette

Born on 17.07.1781 at Rouen



Jacques Frederic Collette

Born circa 1791 at Rouen



Paul Guillame Collette

Date of birth unknown at Rouen






Jacques Pierre Collette was born on 17th July 1781 within the Parish of Sainte Marie La Petite, Rouen and he was nearly thirty when he married Marguerite Rose de Vaux.  She was the daughter of Jean Baptiste de Vaux (born 4th April 1741 at Epouville, died on 25th November 1806 at Gommerville) and his wife Marie Marguerite Rose le Menager (born 31st March 1756 at St Gilles-de-la-Neuville) who were married at Gommerville on 9th January 1781, prior to the birth of their daughter who was born later that same year.  Marguerite passed away in 1842, while it was three years later when Jacques Pierre Collett died on 24th May 1845.





Marguerite Zepherine Collette

Born on 16.11.1812 at Rouen



Pierre Jacques Collette

Born on 24.09.1813 at Rouen



Elise Felicite Collette

Born on 10.10.1815 at Rouen



Paul Joseph Collette

Born on 07.06.1817 at Rouen






Marguerite Zepherine Collette was born at Rouen on 16th November 1812 where her three siblings (below) were also born.  She was the eldest child of Jacques Pierre Collette and his wife Marguerite Rose de Vaux and she later married Francois Lesor.






Pierre Jacques Collette (also known as Peter Jack Collett) was born at Rouen in France on 24th September 1813.  With Rouen being in the Seine-Maritime, Haute-Normandie area of France, it was perhaps inevitable that he later joined the French Navy, although it seems that he ran away to sea after an assault on a schoolteacher.  His naval medical certificate states that he had varicose veins and a double hernia at the age of 20, but thereafter nothing has been found of him until 1851.  By that time he was living and working in Auckland in New Zealand, and was a widower with a young daughter Catherine.  Tragically it would appear that his first (1) wife had died prior to June 1851, possibly during the birth of their daughter or that of a subsequent child who also did not survive.  Further tragedy happened during the following year when his daughter Catherine Collett died when she was around thirty months of age.




Peter had originally arrived in New Zealand during 1836, that year being stated in his application for citizenship of New Zealand.  That was granted in 1859 but was only back-dated to 1st January 1842 at his specific request, that being two years after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed by the British Crown and Maori Chiefs.  It is therefore possible that he had returned to France sometime after 1836, perhaps to formally resign from service with the navy which, it is understood, had been policing the whaling industry.  It would also appear that he may have married his first wife in France during that return visit.  It is also believed that his wife may have become ill during the sea voyage back to New Zealand and perished after their daughter had been born. 




Widower Peter Collett was recorded at Auckland in June 1851 where he was working as a boatman and a carrier when a ship of female immigrants arrived under the Sidney Herbert Emigration Fund.  Peter then employed one of the women from the ship to look after his daughter Catherine while he continued to work.  That lady was Jane Humphreys whom he married later that same year.  Jane had been baptised at the Eglwysfach Chapel in Wales on 13th April 1834 when she was around two years of age.  She arrived in New Zealand on board the sailing ship ‘Stately’ which sailed from Gravesend at the end of January 1851, arriving in New Zealand in June 1851.  There were 32 women on board, in addition to the other passengers, who travelled under Sidney Herbert's Female Emigration Fund.  Sidney Herbert became Lord Herbert of Lea in later years and was into all sorts of philanthropic schemes to improve the lot of soldiers and other people.




It was prior to the death of his daughter that Peter Collett married (2) Jane Humphreys at St Pauls in Auckland on 24th November 1851, the marriage register showing that the e at the end of his surname had been crossed out.  So it was from that date that he adopted the Collett spelling of the name.  Jane (aka Jane Humphries) was nearly twenty years younger than Peter, having been born during 1832; and she presented Peter with five children, all their births registered with the new spelling of the surname.  It is believed she was the daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Humphreys and was re-baptised into the catholic church in Auckland on 2nd January 1860 when her age was recorded as being 29 years and 7 months.  Some of her children were also baptised with her on that same day.  It is understood that the catholic nuns advised Jane to be re-named as Mary Jane Collett.




The youngest of her five children was nearly two years old when Pierre Jacques Collett died on 7th March 1863 at Chapel Square in Auckland, although his age was incorrectly recorded as being 52 when he was nearer 50.  With five young children to look after, widow Jane Collett then married Benjamin Thomas Buck during 1864.  He was born in 1838 and survived his wife by five years, when Jane Buck, formerly Collett nee Humphreys, died at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 1st July 1884 when she was 52.  That second marriage for Jane produced a further five children and they were Margaret Buck (born 1864), Benjamin James Buck (born 1866), Henry Buck (born 1869), Eliza Jane Buck (born 1871) and Jane Sarah Buck (born 1874).




For many years there has been an ongoing discussion concerning the use of the forename Paris which, considering the family originated in France, is not unreasonable.  Furthermore, the written records of the name Paris could be misconstrued as Pans – the ri being written so that they look like an n.  Hence the registration of the birth of the fourth child of Peter Collett, together with the child’s baptism record, informs us the child’s name was Benjamin Lewis Pans Collett and NOT Benjamin Lewis Paris or Uparis Collett.  To complicate matters, his older brothers Hugh and William were certainly named in their respective birth and baptism records as Hugh Paris Charles Collett and William Uparis Collett, while another child, apparently not related to this family had the name Beauparis.





Catherine Collett

Born in 1849; died 1852 at Auckland


The following are the children of Peter Collett by his second wife Jane Humphreys:



Hugh Paris Charles Collett

Born in 1852 at Auckland, NZ



William Uparis Collett

Born in 1854 at Auckland, NZ



Benjamin Lewis Pans Collett

Born in 1856 at Auckland, NZ



Sophia Jane Collett

Born in 1859 at Auckland, NZ



Elizabeth Collett

Born in 1861 at Auckland, NZ






Catherine Collett was born during 1849 the only child of Peter Jack Collett by his first wife who possibly died during the birth.  Her father then married Jane Humphreys towards the end of 1851, while Catherine Collett died just over three months later at Chapel Street in Auckland on 10th March 1852.






Hugh Paris Charles Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 17th November 1852, the eldest child of Peter Collett and Jane Humphreys.  When he was sixteen years old he sailed to Australia and sadly nothing further is known about him after 1868, that is, up until he retired in 1910 having been a member of the crew aboard the 'Maitai'.  In 1925 he was listed on the electoral roll for the Kennedy Electorate in the town of Cloncurry in Queensland under the name of Hughie Paris Charles Collett.  And it was at Cloncurry two years later that he passed away.  The death of Charles Collett in 1927 took place in Cloncurry Hospital when his age was incorrectly recorded by the matron as being 85 instead of 75.  During his life he was also known as Hugh Upris Charles Collett.






William Uparis Collett was born at Chapel Street in Auckland on 11th October 1854 (Registration No. 1854/2161), the second son of Peter and Jane Collett.  The registration of his birth was made in the name of William Upris Collett, the same name recorded for him at the time of his wedding and again at the birth of his own youngest son ten years later.  William Upris Collett of Settlement Road in Clevedon near Auckland, was twenty-five when he married Susan Morris on 8th July 1880 at York House in Auckland, the ceremony conducted by the Reverend Allan W Webb. 


Susan was the only daughter of Enoch Morris from England and his wife Susan and was born at sea on 7th July 1859.  When her mother and father landed at Auckland, Enoch Morris, being a mariner, and with others, decided that there may be a better life for them if they sailed on to New Plymouth, some 300 kilometres further south, which the men did in an open boat. 




They were never heard of again and, after several years, Susan was taken to New Plymouth by her mother in search of her father.  When he was never found, Susan’s mother remarried.  The marriage of William and Susan Morris produced four known children and they were Susan Collett, William Humphreys Collett, Florrie Collett and Henry Collett.  William Upris Collett was still residing in the Auckland area three years after the birth of his last child when he was listed in the Auckland Avon (or Avondale) Electoral Roll of 1893.  His wife Susan Collett nee Morris died in New Zealand on 4th April 1939 at the age of 79, while William Uparis Collett had been a widower for just eight years when he died in Auckland on 16th March 1947 at the age of 93.  During his life William liked to celebrate his birthday with a picnic party on Rangitoto, when he would walk to the top.  Restrictions were placed on the activity during the Great War, but as soon as restrictions were lifted he was over there again.  He was a carter by trade, driving horses, and also undertook to park cars at the Auckland Racing Club meetings for 40 years.





Susan Collett

Born in 1881 at Ponsonby, Auckland



William Humphreys Collett

Born in 1885 at Ponsonby, Auckland



Florrie Collett

Born in 1888 at Ponsonby, Auckland



Henry Collett

Born in 1890 at Ponsonby, Auckland






Benjamin Lewis Pans Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 19th December 1856 (Registration No. 1857/2414), the third child of Peter and Jane Collett.  In 1883 Benjamin married (1) Frances Louisa Walker who had been born in 1860, although she suffered a premature death when she died in New Zealand eight years later during 1891 at the age of 31.  During their short time together Frances gave birth to a son and two daughters, while in some records she was named as Frances Lavinia Walker.  Three years after the death of his wife Benjamin suffered the loss of his youngest daughter, possibly from diphtheria or some similar ailment.  Faced with two children to look after, Benjamin first placed his son in an orphanage, even though other members of the family would have taken him in, and then took his surviving daughter to Dunedin.




It was while he was at Dunedin that he met and later married the widow (2) Annie Elizabeth Morrison nee Pezet in 1893 with whom Benjamin fathered two more daughters.  Annie Elizabeth was the daughter of Anne Pezet who, when widowed, married picture framer Peter Paxton in 1888.  Annie Elizabeth Pezet was born on the island of Jersey in 1864 and arrived in New Zealand in 1878.  Her mother Anne Pezet purchased land on Andersons Bay Road in Dunedin and built the first house on that road.  On that site today is a funeral directors. 




One of the daughters of Benjamin and Annie, Iris Doreen Collett, later married Alfie Pettitt who was well renowned in New Zealand as a musician.  It was also Iris who was only four years old when Benjamin Lewis Upans Collett died on 4th June 1909 in Dunedin Hospital at the age of 52, following which he was buried in the Southern Cemetery of Dunedin on 6th June 1909.  His widow survived him by a considerable number of years when she passed away at 61 Rankeilor Street in Dunedin on 18th January 1948 aged 84.




Previously mentioned in Part 7 – The Short Australia Line was Benjamin Collett and his wife Annie Elizabeth who we now know to be Benjamin Lewis Upans Collett and his second wife Annie Elizabeth Morrison.  The South Dunedin Electoral Roll of 1899 recorded the couple residing at premises on Grosvenor Street in Kensington where Benjamin was a bootmaker and Annie was a housewife.  By 1902 and 1905 Benjamin and Annie were still listed as being residents in Grosvenor Street, while the South Dunedin Electoral Roll in 1911 only included Benjamin’s widow Annie Elizabeth Collett who by then was living at 36 Rankeilor Street.  She was still recorded at that same address in 1919 when her eldest daughter Vera Emma Collett had reached the age that she too could be included in the electoral roll, as indeed she was again in 1922.




By the time the electoral roll for South Dunedin was compiled in 1925 the youngest daughter of Annie Elizabeth Collett was still too young to vote so it was just Annie who was recorded as still living at 36 Rankeilor Street, her eldest daughter Vera having been married two years earlier.  Curiously three years later the electoral Roll for 1928 recorded Iris Doreen Collett as residing at 61 Rankeilor Street while her mother was still at number 26, and it was the same situation in 1931. However, by 1935 mother and daughter were living together at 61 Rankeilor Street, where Annie was living alone in 1938, and where she died ten years later.  At the time of her death Annie Elizabeth Collett was described as a native of Jersey who had been a resident in New Zealand for 70 years.  Two days after she died she was cremated on 20th January 1948 and her ashes being scattered by her family two days later.




It is interesting to note that amongst the South Dunedin Electoral Rolls from 1896 to 1935 were Colletts from two other branches of the family, namely Part 4 – The Great Western Line and Part 58 – The Line of Henry Vine Collett (Cornwall to New Zealand).





Charles William Collett

Born in 1884 at Ponsonby, Auckland



Isabella Jane Collett

Born in 1887 at Ponsonby, Auckland



Henrietta Gertrude Collett

Born in 1889 at Ponsonby, Auckland


The following are the two children of Benjamin Lewis Collett by his second wife Annie Elizabeth:



Vera Emma Collett

Born in 1898 at Dunedin



Iris Doreen Collett

Born in 1905 at Dunedin






Sophia Jane Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 23rd April 1859 (Registration No. 1859/3758), the eldest daughter and fourth child of Peter and Jane Collett.  Sophia married (1) John Burke on 27th May 1879 and that marriage produced two children, the first born on 3rd September 1883.  Curiously the birth of their daughter Lydia Emma Burke in 1883 was recorded twice.  The first time as Lydia Emma Collett (Registration No. 1883/14692) the daughter of Sophia Jane Collett by a father not recorded and the second time (Registration No. 1883/15327) when the parents were named as Sophia Jane and Francis Burke.  It was also using those same two names that the birth of their son Francis Frederick Augustus Burke was recorded in 1885 (Registration No. 1885/554).  John Burke may therefore have been John Francis Burke, while it is established that he suffered a premature death sometime after the birth of the two children.




With two young children to support and care for, Sophia eventually married (2) Francis Roberts on 28th November 1892 at the Auckland Register Office.  Francis Roberts emigrated from England to Auckland on the sailing ship Oxford in 1874.  He would have been about seventeen years old at that time when he was described as a carpenter from Middlesex who had been born in London during 1857.  He was therefore around thirty-five years old when he married Sophia Collett who was thirty-three.  It was after the birth of their only child, Bessie Victoria Jane Roberts in 1897, that Francis Roberts formally and legally adopted Sophia’s two children by her first husband.  The records for the three children are as follows: Bessie Victoria Jane Roberts (Registration No. 1897/8721), Lydia Emma Roberts (Registration No. 1897/15471) and Francis Frederick Augustus Roberts (Registration No. 1897/15472).  It was confirmed that Francis Roberts was born in London during 1857 when he died in New Zealand on 24th November 1929 at the age of 72, his wife Sophia Jane Roberts nee Collett having died nine years earlier on 18th November 1920 when she was 61.  Both of them were buried together in the same grave at the Purewa Cemetery in Auckland, Sophia on 18th November 1920 and Francis on 26th November 1929.




Of Sophia’s daughter Lydia Emma Roberts, she married Cyril Pepper and died on 22nd May 1965, while her son Francis Frederick Augustus Roberts married Margaret Ethel O’Meara (1887-1963) on 29th November 1911 at St Peters Presbyterian Church on Arch Hill in Auckland.  She was the daughter of John James and Catherine O'Meara and she presented Francis with seven children before he died in 1971.  They were Francis Eric Roberts (1912-1981) who married Evelyn Ruth Shaw, Lawrence Raymond Roberts (1914-1996) who married Bernice Waters, Doreen Lydia Roberts (1916-1973) who married Cyril Pepper, John William Roberts (1918-2001) who married Merle Irene Hill, Victor Gordon Roberts (1920-1997) who married Edna Joyce Pilkington, Margaret Betty Roberts (1923–1960), Gwyneth June Roberts (1923-) who married Harry Gordon Parnell.  Francis Frederick Augustus Roberts was described as a retired Gas Inspector when he died at the age of 86 on 24th February 1971, following which he was cremated at the Waikumete Cemetery in Auckland.  Eight years prior to that his wife Margaret Ethel Roberts nee O’Meara died on 27th March 1963 at New Lynn and was also cremated on 29th March at the Waikumete Cemetery.




The daughter of Sophia Jane Collett and her second husband Francis Roberts, Bessie Victoria Jane Roberts later married David Ferguson Smith with whom she had two sons, Donald Ferguson Smith (born 1940) and David Ferguson Smith (born 1942).  And it was in 1986 that she died in New Zealand at the age of 89.






Elizabeth Collett was born at Albert Street Barracks in Auckland on 11th August 1861 (Registration No. 1861/5401), the last child of Peter Collett by his second wife Jane Humphreys.  She was just under two years old when her father died, following which her mother re-married Benjamin Thomas Buck in 1864.  She later married Albert Halverson at the Auckland Register Office in 1882.  Albert was born at Bergen in Norway in 1856 the son of Albert Halverson and Olena Knutson and he sailed to New Zealand on the ship Aratura in 1879.  It was thirty years after settling in the country that he secured naturalisation as a citizen of New Zealand on 19th February 1909.  His marriage to Elizabeth Collett provided the couple with nine children. 




The eldest child was Albert Benjamin Halverson who was born in 1883 (Registration No. 1883/1868) and who died on 11th June 1943 and was buried at Hillsborough Cemetery in Auckland.  In 1918 he married Amy Christina Halverson nee Hill (1895-1973), the widow of his late brother Ernest (see below).  Next came Olena Jane Halverson who was born in 1885 (Registration No. 1885/509), who died in 1957, and who married Edward Curtis in 1906, who was followed by William Halverson who was born in 1887 and he married Mabel Maud Carroll.  The couple’s fourth child was Louis (Lewis) Benjamin Halverson who was born on 30th August 1889 (Registration No. 1889/7749), who died on 15th July 1951 and who also was buried in Hillsborough Cemetery in Auckland with his late wife.  It was as Louis that he married Esther Dorothy Clark in 1917, Esther having been born in 1896 and died relatively young on 31st March 1928 and was buried at Hillsborough Cemetery.  The next child was Ernest Halverson who was born in 1892 (Registration No. 1892/1065).  He married Amy Christina Hill in 1916 and died during the following year, perhaps during the Great War.




The sixth child of Elizabeth and Alfred Halverson was Percival Henry Halverson who was born in 1894 (Registration No. 1894/11781), who died on 15th July 1955 and was buried at Howick Cemetery in Auckland, who married Nancy Lambert in 1927.  The seventh member of the family was Karn May Halverson who was born in 1897 (Registration No. 1897/14354) who married (1) James Eggenton the son of William Eggenton and Margaret Stewart.  James was born in 1890 and married Karn during 1921.  Karn then married (2) Charles Pedersen.  Next came Victor Charles Humphreys Halverson who was born on 30th May 1899 (Registration No. 1899/13284) and died when he was 72 and was buried at the Purewa Cemetery in Auckland on 27th November 1972.  He married Hilda Mary Foster in 1923, Hilda having been born on 3rd January 1912, who died on 25th April 1982 and was cremated two days later at the Purewa Cemetery.  The ninth and last child born to Elizabeth and Alfred was James Roy Halverson.  He was born in 1904 (Registration No. 1904/22167) and died on 15th December 1985 and was married to Verney (Verna) Amelia Biggins in 1927.  Verney was born in 1910 and died on 11th November 1955, when she was buried at Hillsborough Cemetery in Auckland, while her husband was cremated at the Purewa Cemetery.




Elizabeth Halverson nee Collett died on 14th April 1933 at the age of 71 and was buried in Hillsborough Cemetery in Auckland.  Her husband survived for a further eight years, when he died during 1941 aged 85, following which he was buried at Karori Cemetery in Wellington on 26th July 1941.  It is understood that his last years were spent living with one of his daughters in Wellington, either Olena or Karn.






Susan Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 3rd April 1881 (Registration No. 1881/6335), the eldest child of William Uparis Collett and Susan Morris.  The birth may have taken place in the family home at Settlement Road in Clevedon, Auckland, where her father was living at the time he was married.  Susan was twenty-five when she married James Henry Hyland in 1906.  James was born in 1878 and died in 1944, while it was twenty-two years later that Susan Hyland nee Collett died at Ponsonby on 7th August 1966.  The first of their four children was Hazel Mowbray Hyland who was born on 16th February 1907, who married Albert George Moyle in 1930, and who died in 1988.  Albert was born on 6th October 1904 and died in 1977.  Susan’s second child was Doris Irene Hyland who was born in New Zealand during 1910 and who died in 1988.  During her life she was married to William Moore Barton (1884-1977).  Jack Hyland was born in 1915 and he married Athlone Patricia Turner who died in 1979, while Jack Hyland died in 1991.  The last child of Susan and James was their daughter Merle Morris Hyland born in 1924, who married Melville James Pitt Glasgow.






William Humphreys Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 15th May 1885 (Registration No. 1885/9622), the second child and eldest son of William and Susan Collett.  William was nearly forty-five when he married May Noble, the daughter of Andrew Noble and Eliza Wall, in New Zealand during 1929.  May was born in New Zealand on 28th May 1886 and died there in 1975 when she was 89.  The last twenty-four years of her life were spent as a widow following the death of William Humphreys Collett at Auckland on 8th January 1951 when he was 66 years of age.  The probate record for William Humphreys Collett states that he was of Clevedon, a rural town in Auckland.






Florrie Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 26th September 1888 (Registration No. 1888/7193), the daughter of William and Susan Collett.  She married James Hamilton Alexander in 1909, James being born in 1887 who died in 1961.  The marriage produced four children, the first of them being William James Alexander who was born on 5th February 1910, who died in 1989.  He married (1) Muriel Isobel Blackburn and then (2) Dorothy May Shepherd.  The second child was Morris Henry Alexander (1912-1990) who married Doreen Annie Brooks, the third was Knowle Lennox Alexander (1914-1999) and he married Evelyn Annie Gubb, and their last child was Douglas Ewart Alexander who was born in 1927 who married Iris Molly Reid.  The children’s mother passed away twenty-two years after the death of her husband, when Florrie Alexander nee Collett died at Warkworth in New Zealand on 6th March 1983 at the age of 95.






Henry Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 21st September 1890 (Registration No. 1890/12979) when he was recorded as the son of Upris William Collett and his wife Susan.  At the age of twenty-two, in 1912, Henry married Winifred Phoebe Whatford, the daughter of Arthur Whatford and Phoebe Charlotte Elizabeth Mowbray, who was born in New Zealand on 4th August 1890. 

The first of their five children was born three years later.  Winifred was very much a home lady who was fond of knitting and crochet work.  Henry began his working life at the Chelsea sugar works and, after thirteen years at the Ellis & Burnands Sawmills at Mangapehi, and a period dairy farming at Tamaki, ended his working days at a fibrolite factory at Penrose in Auckland.




Winifred Phoebe Collett nee Whatford died at Point Chevalier near Auckland on 12th May 1974, leaving Henry Collett as a widower for the next five years, until he passed away at Coromandel in New Zealand on 3rd April 1979 at the age of 89.





Athol Brendon Collett

Born in1913 at Birkenhead, Auckland



Gillian Dorothy Collett

Born in 1916 at Manurewa, Auckland



Hartnoll Henry Whatford Collett

Born in 1918 at Auckland



Bernard Morris Collett

Born in 1920 at Mangapehi, Waikato



Betty Mowbray Collett

Born in 1921 at Coromandel, NZ



William Collett

Born in 1925; stillborn






Charles William Collett was born at Norfolk Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 9th September 1884 (Registration No. 1884/5540), the son of Benjamin Lewis Collett and Frances L Walker.  His mother died in 1891 and his youngest sister in 1893.  Shortly after that second tragedy Charles was placed in an orphanage when his father and his surviving sister moved to Dunedin where Charles’ father was later married.  During 1923 he married Violet Jasmine (Jessamine) Wood who was born on 3rd March 1893, the daughter of Claremont Africa Wood and Sarah Alice Jones, and their only known child was born in 1932.  Charles William Collett died at Kawakawa on 21st October 1978 where he was buried at the age of 94, and it was two years after that when his wife Violet Jasmine Collett passed away in 1980 when she was 87.





David Allenby Collett

Born in 1932 at Devonport, Auckland






Isabella Jane Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 18th June 1887, the daughter of Benjamin Lewis Collett and Frances L Walker.  Unlike her two siblings her birth record was not discovered at the same time because her mother's name was recorded as Francis Lavinia, while her father was named as Benjamin Louis (Registration No. 1887/5171).  She married John Duggan and together they had four children.  They were Isobel Pearl Duggan (born 1909), Aileen Vera Duggan (born 1911) who married William Andrew McFarland, John William Harold Duggan (born 1917) who was known as Jack and he married Beatrice Joyce Rowlands, and Lorna Joyce Duggan (born 1920) who married Manson Thomas Seal.  Isabella Jane Duggan nee Collett died at the Eventide Home at Company Bay in Dunedin on 7th March 1977 and was buried at Dunedin two days later.






Henrietta Gertrude Collett was born at Napier Street in Ponsonby, Auckland on 10th August 1889 (Registration No. 1889/11500), the daughter of Benjamin and Frances Collett.  She was two years old when her mother died and two years later Henrietta Gertrude Collett also passed away on 19th April 1893 at Copeland Street, Eden Terrace in Auckland at the age of four years.  It was the following day that she was buried in Waikumete Cemetery in Auckland.






Vera Emma Collett was born at Dunedin on 11th December 1897, although the birth was not registered until 1898 (Registration No. 1898/18056), the eldest of the two daughters of Benjamin Lewis Collett and his second wife Annie Elizabeth.  Vera Emma Collett was on the Electoral Rolls for South Dunedin in 1919 and 1922 when she was listed as being a spinster residing at 36 Rankeilor Street with her widowed mother on both occasions.  It therefore must have been later that same year that Vera first married (1) William Harold Marshall and then married (2) Walter James Scott during the following year in 1923.  Walter who, had been born on 19th February 1899, died in New Zealand in 1973, six years after his wife had passed away.  It was on 6th December 1967 that Vera Emma Scott died at Greenlane Hospital in Auckland.  The only known child of Vera and Walter, their daughter June Mildred Scott, was born ten years later in 1933 and she went on to marry James Joseph McAtamney who was born in 1931. 






Iris Doreen Collett was born at Dunedin on 10th June 1905 (Registration No. 1905/13640), the youngest of the two daughters of Benjamin and Annie Collett.  According to the South Dunedin Electoral for 1935 Iris was still unmarried and living with her mother at 61 Rankeilor Street at that time, where she was also living in 1932 but not with her mother.  It was therefore after that she married the much older Alfred Henry Pettitt (1889-1968) with whom she had three children as follows.  Roy George Pettitt was born in 1936 and he married Vera Berry.  Anne Doreen Pettitt was birth in 1937 and she married Ewan Douglas Hastie (born 1930).  The third and last child was Edith Lorraine Pettit who was born in 1940 who later married Robert Boud.  It is interesting that Iris’ husband was better known as Alfie Pettitt the well renowned New Zealand musician.






Athol Brendon Collett was born at Birkenhead in Auckland on 15th October 1913, the eldest child of Henry Collett and Winifred Phoebe Whatford.  He was born prematurely and spent the first few months of his life lying on a cushion in front of the fireplace.  He later served in the St John’s Ambulance, mainly with the Fairfield cadets, when he was given the award of Serving Brother. 


Athol had wanted to go to war with others he knew in 1939 but failed his medical, so he enlisted with the St John’s Ambulance Brigade and travelled to Egypt with the Fifth Field Ambulance.  While he was there he contracted dysentery and was nearly sent home.  However, he recovered and was sent to Italy to work in the cook house.




Just before the war he was married to Caulleen May Amunsden who was born on 1st April 1921 at Owhango in King Country and they had a total of six children.  Athol had heart surgery in 1987 to replace a valve.  He never gave up smoking although he tried, and cigarettes, matches and other smoking paraphernalia were often found amongst the cabbages, etc, in the veg garden.  He suffered from emphysema by being a smoker and Caulleen also suffered with that condition due to being a passive smoker.  Athol Brendon Collett died in Tauranga Hospital on 11th May 1992, the cause of death being emphysema and a stomach bleed.  His wife survived him by ten years when the death of Caulleen May Collett nee Amunsden was recorded in 2002, also at Tauranga Hospital.  Athol is also mentioned in the book “First to Care: 125 Years of the Order of St John New Zealand, 1885-2010” written by Graeme Hunt. 





Dennis Bernard Collett

Born on 22.04.1939 at Te Kuiti



Dorothy Valmai Collett

Born on 28.09.1940 at Te Kuiti



Keith Gilbert Collett

Born on 07.05.1942 at Te Kuiti



Valerie Ruth Collett

Born on 13.01.1947 at Pukekohe



Ray William Collett

Born on 19.04.1948 at Pukekohe



Bruce Robert Collett

Born on 23.12.1951 at Huntly






Gillian Dorothy Collett was born at 4/109 Great South Road in Manurewa, Auckland on 28th February 1916, the second child and eldest daughter of Henry and Winifred Collett, who later married Edward Charles Owens who was born on 22nd June 1911 and who died in 1985.






Hartnoll Henry Whatford Collett was born in Auckland on 11th September 1918, the son of Henry and Winifred Collett.  In 1934 he married Valmai Packer who was born in 1921 and who died in 2003.  The first of their four children was born when the couple was living in Hamilton, the second and third when they were residing in Te Kuiti, with the last of them born after the family had returned to Hamilton.  Valmai was a widow for the last twenty-four years of her life, following the death of Hartnoll Henry Collett on 25th May 1979 at Frankton in Waikato near Hamilton, who was buried three days later on 28th May in the Hamilton Park Cemetery.





Carol Maxine Ruth Collett

Born on 19.04.1944 at Hamilton



Rex Henry Collett

Born on 12.11.1946 at Te Kuiti



Terence William Collett

Born on 10.09.1948 at Te Kuiti



Gayle Christine Collett

Born on 06.05.1950 at Hamilton






Bernard Morris Collett was born at Mangapehi in Waikato on 12th June 1920, another son of Henry and Winifred Collett who in 1940 married Marjorie Thelma McBeth who was born in 1919.  Bernard Morris Collett was living at 144A George Street in Papatoetoe in Auckland when he died on 25th May 2007 and was buried five day later. 





Morris Vernon Collett

Born on 27.02.1942 at Otahuhu



Marjorie Faye Collett

Born on 07.12.1945 at Papatoetoe



Colin Archer Collett

Born on 05.03.1954 at Otahuhu






Betty Mowbray Collett was born at 54 Main Street in Coromandel on 30th September 1921 and was the last child born to Henry Collett and his wife Winifred Phoebe Whatford.  It was Leonard Henry Withey who she later married in 1941.  Betty and Leonard had five children and they were Collette Leonora Withey (born 1946 at Coromandel), Nanette Rubina Withey (born 1949 at Te Aroha), Warren John Withey (born 1951 at Hamilton), Peter Bryce Withey (born 1954 at Coromandel) and Robin Edward Withey (born 1955 at Coromandel).  Betty learned to sing with her Uncle Tom's choir at the Friendly Road Mission and has made a recording of The Holy City.  She was honoured with the Serving Sister Award given by the St John’s Ambulance Brigade.






David Allenby Collett was born at Devonport in Auckland on 13th April 1932, the only known child of Charles William Collett and Violet Jessamine Wood, and he married Janine Wasiukiewicz with whom he had four sons.  At some time in their life they lived at 37 Maritime Terrace in Birkenhead, Auckland.





Stephen David Collett

Born on 15.12.1962 at Auckland



Bradley Matthew Collett

Born on 24.10.1963 at Auckland



Gregory Peter Collett

Born on 16.03.1967 at Auckland






Dennis Bernard Collett was born at Te Kuiti, 80 kms south of Hamilton in New Zealand, on 22nd April 1939, the eldest child of Athol Brendon Collett and Caulleen May Amunsden.  It was on 10th November 1964 that he married Mary Maud Wise who was born on 28th May 1938.  Their marriage produced two children who were both born at Wellington, almost immediately after which the family of four moved to Hamilton where they lived for the next seven years. 

While they were still at Hamilton, Dennis and Mary adopted two special children, the first of them was born at Otahuhu in Auckland and the second one at Invercargill.  During their fifty years of married life together Dennis and Mary moved home around thirty-one times.




Tragically Dennis Bernard Collett passed away at 8.30 a.m. on 9th December 2014 at a home for the elderly in Gore, Southlands, and is now at rest after being poorly for many years.  The funeral and interment took place on the morning of 11th December at Orepuki at the bottom of the South Island, to the west of Invercargill, on a headland looking out over Te Waewae Bay.  Orepuki was a very special place for Dennis and Mary, where the couple had lived for fifteen months just after their daughter Lois was married.  After the children left the family home Dennis and Mary returned to live at Waimate to the same house where they had lived earlier in the life.  And it is Mary who kindly provided some details about the Collett family during 2014 and 2015.





Lois Marie Collett

Born on 26.10.1966 at Wellington



Nathan Bernard Collett

Born on 23.09.1969 at Wellington



Phillip Leslie Collett - adopted

Born on 15.06.1974 at Otahuhu



Olive Miriam Collett - adopted

Born on 15.11.1976 at Invercargill






Dorothy Valmai Collett was born at Te Kuiti on 28th September 1940, the eldest daughter of Athol and Caulleen Collett.  Today, in 2014, Dorothy is Dot McCulloch. 


Her late husband Ronald Russell McCulloch (born 9th February 1932, died 17th October 1984) was a helicopter pilot and crashed three times before a fatal crash.  She has brought up the four children since then on her own and they have good occupations and are happy in their lives.  Dorothy is the recipient of the 1997 Caltex Unsung Heros Award for the Gisborne Region, receiving a plaque and a petrol account for $500.




The first of her four children was born at Rotorua, while the other three were born after the family moved to Gisborne.  The four of them are Glen Angus McCulloch who was born on 17th July 1965, Ross Lachlane McCulloch who was born on 4th July 1968, Lisa Jane McCulloch who was born on 30th September 1969 and Neil Brendon McCulloch who was born on 30th October 1974.  Today in 2014 her three sons are living in Wellington, Auckland and Gisborne.




She went to several primary schools as her father worked on the railways, but did most of her secondary schooling at Hamilton Technical College, majoring in clerical subjects, including shorthand, typewriting and book keeping.  Those skills helped her in the clerical/office side of the helicopter business.  She tied trout flies for several years in Rotorua and this led to a love of craft making.  She dabbles in most crafts, has not yet touched pottery or lead lighting which she intends to do given time and the opportunity, but has recently learned to spin.




Dot is an avid genealogist, and has been working since 2008 to get some buried headstones lifted from a trench in the ground at Makaraka Cemetery.  She has not succeeded thus far, but is aiming for success in 2015.  She scrubs the headstones and cleans round the cemetery which was closed almost 100 years ago, while the District Council sent people to her to help locate where the graves are.  In addition to this, since 2000 she has been working on a project for the data-basing of school registers in the Gisborne East Coast district, having completed some 131 schools to date.  This is an ongoing project




She has an extensive garden of half an acre and the flowers and foliage are in demand by florists and floral artists for teaching work, and for flower displays for functions, be they civil weddings or parties.  She is a qualified floral art teacher, having units in Stewarding and Scheduling of Shows, Plant Knowledge, Design, Teaching and Judging.  The District Council staff make use of her knowledge of plant material to identify those plants they come across that they cannot identify, thus being able to eradicate plants that are a threat to the local area.  And it was Dot who, together with Kelvin Parker of Christchurch in New Zealand, was instrumental in the construction of this family line.






Keith Gilbert Collett was born at Otahuhu in Auckland on 7th May 1942, the third child of Athol and Caulleen Collett.


During his working life Keith was a project manager and a consultant within the building industry based in Papua New Guinea.


He married Leila Ann Bracegirdle who presented him with three sons.





Darrin Keith Collett

Born on 30.03.1967 at Hamilton



Andrew Brett Collett

Born on 29.03.1968 at Hamilton



Steven Linley Collett

Born on 02.08.1972 at Tokoroa






Valerie Ruth Collett was born at Pukekohe, just south of Auckland, on 13th January 1947, the younger of the two daughters of Athol and Caulleen Collett. 


She first married (1) Ashley Robert Baré with whom she had two children; Shane Robert Baré who was born at Hamilton on 20th June 1965; and Lance Andrew Baré who was born on 10th September 1968.  Valerie later married (2) Sheun Yen Wong, as a result of which she is now affectionately called Wongy. 






Ray William Collett was born at Pukekohe on 19th April 1948, the son of Athol Brendon Collett and Caulleen May Amunsden.


Ray married Carolyn Ellen Steiner who was born at Kaponga on 16th January 1949 and they had two children who were both born at the Rotorua Maternity Hospital.


During his working life Ray was a civil engineer and lived at 12 Jasper Way in Papamoa.





Gregory Allan Collett

Born on 15.12.1976 at Rotorua



Carla Maria Collett

Born on 19.04.1979 at Rotorua






Bruce Robert Collett was born at Huntly on 23rd December 1951, the last of the six children of Athol Brendon Collett and Caulleen May Amunsden. 


He first married (1) Catherine Ruth Becker with whom he had two sons before he later married (2) Marlene Dowman.





Craig Robert Collett

Born on 21.03.1974 at Cambridge



Aaron David Collett

Born on 23.01.1976 at Cambridge






Carol Maxine Ruth Collett was born at Hamilton on 19th April 1944 the first of the four children of Hartnoll Henry Whatford Collett and Valmai Packer.  Carol was around twenty-one years of age when she married William Andrews who was born at Wellington on 27th May 1942.  Their marriage provided them with four daughters when they were living in Auckland and at some time in their life the family was living at 21 Graeme Avenue in Papatoetoe.  Toni Maree was born on 24th January 1966, Karen Michelle was born on 27th September 1967, Kim Chiree was born on 9th August 1968 and Tracey Lee Andrews was born on 15th July 1972.






Rex Henry Collett was born at Te Kuiti on 12th November 1946.  He married Karen Stacey with whom he had two sons.  Later, Rex had a second partner Erina Papp, who presented him with two daughters.  At some time during his life, Rex resided at 183 Karepa Street in Brooklyn, Wellington.  





Tristram Henry Collett

Born on 30.03.1978



Toby Hartnoll Collett

Born on 22.01.1980


The following are the two children of Rex and his partner Erinna:



Anna Ludmilla Collett

Born on 09.01.1997 at Wellington



Augusta Katherine Collett

Born on 16.08.1998 at Wellington






Terence William Collett was born at Te Kuiti on 10th September 1948 and he married Dallas Rendle who was born at Hamilton on 5th April 1950.  It was also at Hamilton that the first of their three children was born.





Francessa Collett

Born on 04.12.1969 at Hamilton



Maria Collett

Born on 20.09.1971 at Auckland



Simon Paul Collett

Born on 24.12.1973 at Whangarei






Gayle Christine Collett was born on at Hamilton 6th May 1950 and she married Allan John Gillies who was born at Hamilton on 7th March 1949.  Their two sons were David John Gillies who was born at Auckland on 10th May 1969 and Stephen Grant Gillies who was born on 25th August 1971.






Morris Vernon Collett was born at Otahuhu on 27th February 1942 and he married Raewyn Alice Steele.  During the 1970 Raewyn presented Morris with three sons when the couple was living at Papakura.  The family currently live at 193 Maraetai Drive in Maraetai Beach, Auckland.





Michael Jason Collett

Born on 15.10.1971 at Papakura



Stephen Morris Collett

Born on 20.05.1973 at Papakura



Andrew John Collett

Born on 11.07.1974 at Papakura






Marjorie Faye Collett was born at Papatoetoe on 7th December 1945 and she married Donald Bruce Baverstock who was born at Otahuhu on 1st August 1940.  Their marriage produced two children for Marjorie and Donald and they were Brendon John Baverstock who was born on 9th November 1972 and Wendy Sharee Baverstock who was born on 8th April 1974, both of them born at Auckland.  It was at 105 Waller Avenue in Bucklands Beach, Auckland that the family currently live.






Colin Archer Collett was born at Otahuhu on 5th March 1954 and he married Annette Jessie Sutherland who was born on 21st November 1954 and with whom he had two sons.





Shaun Neil Collett

Born on 15.11.1977 at Papakura



Richard James Collett

Born on 02.04.1980 at Papakura






Stephen David Collett was born at Auckland on 15th December 1962.  He married Claire Gabrielle Baker and their daughter was born at North Shore Hospital in Auckland.





Lauren Gabrielle Collett

Born on 03.01.2003 at Auckland



Sophie Collett

Date of birth unknown






Bradley Matthew Collett was born at Auckland on 24th October 1963 and he married Carolyn Carr. 





Arlia Lillian Collett

Born on 06.11.2002



Maxwell Collett

Date of birth unknown






Lois Marie Collett was born at Wellington on 26th October 1966, the eldest of the two children of Dennis Bernard Collett and Mary Maud Wise.  She married Robert James Todd who was born on 19th May 1948, after they settled in Gore after they were married.






Olive Miriam Collett was born at Invercargill on 15th November 1976 and was the younger of the two adopted children of Dennis Bernard Collett and Mary Maud Wise of Hamilton.  She married Wiremu Whioke who was born on 30th January 1975.  Their daughter Tanisha Miriama Whioke was born at Porirua on 4th April 1993 and she was married Jayden Peacock whose son Mason Ricky Main Te Maari Peacock was born at Melbourne on 5th December 2013.  Today Olive lives at Bluff less than two hours from her adopted mother Mary Collett and her daughter Lois Todd (above).






Darrin Keith Collett was born at Hamilton on 30th March 1967 the eldest of the three sons of Keith Gilbert Collett and Leila Ann Bracegirdle.





Klara Collett

Born on 06.10.2008 at Waitakere Hosp.






Andrew Brett Collett was born at Hamilton on 29th March 1968 and he married Catherine Grace Sullivan who was born on 4th May 1967 and who presented him with two children who were both born at North Shore Hospital in Auckland.





Jacob George Collett

Born on 16.05.2001 at Auckland



Ana Grace Collett

Born on 07.07.2003 at Auckland






Steven Linley Collett was born at Tokoroa on 2nd August 1972 and he married Fiona Maree Blackbourn who was born on 28th April 1970.  That marriage produced two children for Steven and Fiona.





George William Collett

Born on 05.09.2007 at New Plymouth



Jenaya Rebecca Collett

Born on 09.02.2010 at New Plymouth






Gregory Allan Collett was born at Rotorua Maternity Hospital on 15th December 1976.  He later married Lydia Dorothy Sharp who was also born at Rotorua Maternity Hospital but on 6th June 1980.  And it was there also that their two children were born.





Dylan Toby Collett

Born on 21.10.1999 at Rotorua



Natalia May Collett

Born on 06.11.2002 at Rotorua






Carla Maria Collett was born at Rotorua Maternity Hospital on 19th April 1979 and she later married Daniel Burgess with who she has a son Jayden Tyler Burgess who was born at North Shore Hospital in Auckland on 3rd February 2001.






Craig Robert Collett was born at Cambridge, south-east of Hamilton, on 21st March 1974.  He later married Heidi Bosch and in 2014 they were living at Morrinsville to the north-east of Hamilton.






Aaron David Collett was born at Cambridge on 23rd January 1976 and he married Naomi Webb and they had a son who was born at the Birth Centre in Hamilton.





Ethan William Collett

Date of birth unknown






Tristram Henry Collett was born on 30th March 1977, is married to Renee Orr with whom he has two children.  It was Renee who provided the new family details in September 2018.





Casper Leo Collett

Born on 01.06.2010 in London



Phoebe Elizabeth Orr

Born on 20.07.2012 in Auckland






Michael Jason Collett was born at Papakura on 15th October 1971 and he married (1) Hayley Greenfield with whom he had a son.  He later married Rowena Look who was born on 10th June 1978 with whom he had a daughter. 





Tarquine Lee Collett

Born on 20.04.1997



Willow Mary Tracey Collett

Born on 17.03.2009






Stephen Morris Collett was born at Papakura on 20th May 1973 and he married Deborah Louise Curry.  Over the following years the marriage produced two daughters and a son.





Ashley Louise Collett

Born on 10.02.1999



Milayla Jane Collett

Born on 17.05.2001



Ryan Stephen Collett

Born on 25.09.2006






Andrew John Collett was born at Papakura on 11th July 1974.  He married Nicola Jane Turner who was born on 11th December 1974.  Their son Brooklyn was born on the same day that Andrew john Collett died.





Brooklyn John Collett

Born on 09.02.2009






Shaun Neil Collett was born at Papakura on 15th November 1977 and he married Keri Lynette Mills and they had two children.





Livinia Ann Collett

Born on 23.07.2006



Tyler Neil Collett

Born on 18.06.2008






Richard James Collett was born at Papakura on 2nd April 1980 and he later married Gemma Marie Watts who was born on 5th May 1987.