Part One contains the longest family line and is dedicated to the family of Alice Louisa Collett, my Grandmother (Reference 1P54)


Part Two contains the second longest line and is dedicated to the family of Harry James Collett, my Grandfather (Reference 2P5)


The succeeding Parts contain information about the individual trees that emanate from these two main lines of the family


The reference given to each entry, for example 1P54, is based on the following principles.

The first number, in this case 1, refers to Part One

Likewise Part Four entries are prefixed with 4


The middle letter, P in the case of 1P54, refers to the particular generation of the family within that tree


The numbers following the letter refers to the number of identified children for that particular generation



Wherever possible, subsidiary trees are referenced in accordance with the corresponding reference point on the main family tree from whence it separates or where it joins.  For example, the letter P is used for both Alice Louisa Collett (Ref. 1P54) and Harry James Collett (Ref. 2P5).  In this way, each generation can be quickly identified to a particular period in history.


Finally, the names in block capitals, italics or those underlined, indicate a particular ancestral line, while all entries in bold print indicate that further information is available on that person.