The Will of Sir Henry Colet (Ref. 18C5) of London

made on 27.09.1505 and

proved on 20.10.1505






I Henry Colet


To be buried in St Pauls Cathedral if I die in the city of London


If I die at Stebenhith to be buried there before St Dunstan in the church if the vicary there so please.To high altar of parish church of St Antonyne of London whereof I am now a parishioner for tithes forgotten if any and for prayer for my soul 10 shillings


To high altar of Stepney for same intent 10 shillings


Two honest chaplains one to sing mass daily when he is disposed in parish church of Stepney, the other in parish church of St Antonyne and to pray for souls of me, my father and mother and children for 15 years either chaplain to have £7. 6s. 8d yearly


To exhibition of poor scholars studying holy divinity at universities of Oxford and Cambridge £100


£100 to executors for my soulís good


To marriages of poor maidens of good name and fame £100.Every of my maiden servants to have a portion of said £100 and a black cloth gown.


To William Colet my brotherís son his children and other of my kin to number of 10 £100 to be paid 4d a week to each


To works of body of parish church of Stepney aforesaid 40 shillings.To my men servants 40 shillings in money and a black gown


To my late servant William Middleton the same.


To William Bayle of Wendover 40 shillings


To William Rote of Stepney 40 shilling.


Rest of goods to my wife Dame Christian and to my son Mr John Colet Doctor of Holy Divinity and they to be executors



Probate 20 October 1505 by John Colet executor and

Dame Christian Colet the relict consenting


Stebenhith is today known as Stepney


Sir Henryís wife Dame Chritian Colet (Ref. 18D5) and

son John Colet (Ref. 18D12) and nephew William Colet (Ref. 18D9)