The Will of Alice Collett (1D1) of Over Slaughter

made on 22nd June 1557




In the name of God Amen on the twenty-second day of June in the year of our Lord fifteen fifty seven I Alice Collett of the parish of Over Slaughter widow sick in body being in my perfect mind do make my testament in manner and form following


First I bequeath my soul to all mighty God and blessed virgin saint Mary and all the holy company in heaven to pray for me and my body to the earth


I bequeath to the mother church one pound I bequeath to the high alter of my parish church one pound I bequeath to my said parish church a sheep


I bequeath to every God child that I have four pence


I bequeath to every child’s child that I have a sheep except the children of Anthony Taylor


I bequeath to my son John Collett ten sheep


I bequeath to every one of my daughters a cow and because I have four daughters and but three cows I give to her that have not a cow three sheep


I bequeath to Elizabeth Hanks a sheep and to Eleanor Taylor a sheep


I bequeath to my God son William Collett a sheep


I bequeath to Thomas Bayliss the quantum amount of malt that John Bayliss may share in


I bequeath to Elizabeth my daughter my best two smocks my best hat and my best cape


The residue of my goods unbequeathed my legacies paid I do give to my son Henry Collett whom I make my whole executor


Overseers of this my Will Robert Rooke and Anwin Matthews and for their pains taken I give both of them a sheep.



The Will was witnessed by those present:  John Bayliss, Robert Rooke and Thomas Bayliss with one other


Anthony Taylor was husband to Alice Collett (Ref. 1E5)

John Collett (Ref. 1E8), Elizabeth Collett (Ref. 1E4) Henry Collett (Ref. 1E3)

Elizabeth Hanks may have been daughter to Joan or Agnes Collett (Refs: 1E6/7)

Eleanor Taylor may have been the daughter of Alice Collett (Ref. 1E5)

John Bayliss was the husband of Elizabeth Collett (Ref. 1E4)

and Thomas Bayliss may have been his father


Robert Rooke was likely related to Richard Rooke who married Marian Collett (Ref. 1E1)