The Will of Joan Collett (Ref. 18F2) widow of Thomas Collett

of Grundisburgh made on 31st May 1559




In the Name of God Amen the last day of May in the year of our Lord God one thousand five hundred and fifty nine I Joan Collett gentlewoman of Grundisburgh in the County of Suffolk widow being whole of mind and in perfect remembrance for the which God be praised do ordain and make this my present Testament containing my Last Will in manner and form following


First I commit my soul to the mercy of Almighty God and my body to the earth to be buried in the church of Grundisburgh aforesaid, and concerning my worldly substance I give and bequeath them as followeth. That is to say


First, I will that William Collett my brother-in-law shall have all the profits commodities and revenues of all the manor called Clewes and also all that my capital messuage or mansion house with all the houses, buildings, lands and pastures and service in any wise appertaining and belonging to the said manor or mansion house lying and being within the fields and parishes of Burgh Cronisburgh (now known simply as Burgh) and Hasketon during the nonage of William Collett my son or other the right heirs and no longer upon condition that I will that the said William my brother shall bring up all my children till they be of lawful age. And to pay my debts and to keep the said houses in good and sufficient reparation making no strip nor waste


Item I give and bequeath to Katherine Collett my daughter a cow 3 platters, 3 dishes, 3 saucers and a charger, and my best bed with the covering, a greatest chest and my bearing sheet, and one pair of hokes of silver and gilt set with pearl


Item I give and bequeath to Thomasin Collet my daughter one cow, 3 platters, 3 dishes, 3 saucers, a charger, the next bed with the quilt, a bearing sheet, a gold ring with a red stone


Item I will that if shall fortune the said Katherine and Thomasin my daughters to depart this present life that then I will that Alice and Dorothy Collett my brotherís children to have the said too nett. And I give more to the said Alice and Dorothy to each of them one weaning calf


Item I give to William Wydley my greatest mare colt, I give to William Collett my son four houses such time as he shall accomplish the age of twenty-one years at the prices as they be worth now. And also I will that the bedsteads with the hangings in the two chambers to remain there to the use of the said William my son and two great chests remaining in the chapel chamber to the use of the said William or to the right heirs


The residue of all my goods and chattels unbequeathed I give to the said William Collett my brother whom I ordain and make my sole executor he to perform and fulfill this my said testament and last will in manner and form above said


And I ordain the said William Wydley to be overseer of this my said Will there being witness Thomas Hayward the middealer, Robert Etherich and John Earman with others


And further I will that William Wydley shall pay for every acre of land holding of the manor of Clewys 12d the acre and not above, any legacy gift or bequest to the contrary hereof notwithstanding



The Will was proved before Master William Moyse Doctor of Law, Vicar General of the Dean and Chapter of Canterbury on 12th June 1559


brother-in-law William Collett (Ref. 18F3), son William Collett (Ref. 18G6)

daughters Katherine Collett (Ref. 18G7) and Thomasin Collett (Ref. 18G8)

nieces Dorothy Collett (Ref. 18G11) and Alice Collett (Ref. 18G12)