The Will of Anthony Collett (Ref. 2G6)

Yeoman of Lower Slaughter

proved at Gloucester in 1648





I give unto my eldest son Edward Collett two of my best kine.  I give unto my son Richard Collett all my closes in Westcote paying unto my youngest daughter Margaret one hundred pounds


I give unto my daughter Anne one hundred pounds to be paid within one year after my decease.  Likewise I give unto her one joined bedstead, one joined cupboard, one joined chair, the best pot, the best kettle, one brass pan, half a dozen of the best pewter, one pewter basin, the best chest and the best coffer and one box, seven pair of the sheets, three tablecloths, six napkins, three pillows, one cupboard cloth, one face cloth, the best covering and the best rug and one red healing and two pair of blankets, the best feather bed and flock bed, two of the best feather bolsters and the best flock bolster and one pillow, three of the best cushions, one set of curtains and one candle stick


I give unto my youngest daughter Margaret the sum of one hundred pounds, two little pots and one kettle, half a dozen of pewter, one flagon, one chest and coffer, seven pair of sheets, three tablecloths, six napkins, three pillow bears, three towels, one face cloth, one covering, one red and white covering, one healing and two pair of blankets, one feather bed, one flock bed, two feather bolsters, one flock bolster, one pillow, three cushions, one candlestick


And I give unto my son Edward all the rest of my household stuff


I give unto my daughter-in-law Elizabeth Collett, late wife of Anthony Collett deceased the sum of twenty shillings


I give unto John, son of Anthony the sum of twenty pounds, five pounds of it to be paid when he shall come of age by my son Richard and the other five pounds by my executor and the rest paid yearly towards his education


I give unto the poor of Lower Slaughter twenty shillings and to the Church ten shillings


And lastly I make and ordain my loving son Thomas Collett my sole executor and of this my last will and testament, and my loving kinsmen John Petrie and John Thorne overseers of this my last will




Edward Collett (Ref. 2H15), Richard Collett (Ref. 2H22)

Margaret Collett (Ref. 2H21), Anne Collett (Ref. 2H19)

Elizabeth Collett - widow, (Ref. 2H17), John Collett (Ref. 2I9),

Thomas Collett (Ref. 2H16)