The Will of Henry Collett (Ref. 2L15) of Notgrove

made on 17th November 1830

died 10th July 1840






This is the last Will and Testament of me Henry Collett shoemaker in the parish of Notgrove in the County of  Gloucester that is to say I give and bequeath to my son Henry Collett at my decease my cottage house and lease and garden and all appurtenances thereto belonging situate at Naunton and now rented by William Chandler


I give and bequeath likewise at my decease to my nine children, Hannah Hawker, Elizabeth Carroll, Sophia Norton, Henry Collett, Robert Collett, Richard Collett, Mary Mason, Jane Collett and Eliza Collett my household furniture and stock in trade to be equally divided among them share and share alike


I give and bequeath to my above named nine children all the money belonging to me in the Naunton Friendly Society and elsewhere to be equally divided among them or as many as shall be living at my decease with the following exceptions namely my son Henry Collett Thirty Pounds less than the rest on account of his having the cottage at Naunton


And as I gave several of them certain sums of money before these sums to be brought on to the account to make up their respective shares but if one or more of my children should die without child or children their shares to be equally divided among the survivors but if they leave a child or children they are to have their parents share


And I hereby nominate my son Richard Collett to be my whole and sole executor of this my last Will and Testament



And I hereby nominate and appoint Robert Rowland of Naunton to be my Trustee to see that this my last will and testament is properly executed and fulfilled




Henry Collett (Ref. 2M25), Hannah Hawker nee Collett (Ref. 2M22)

Elizabeth Carroll nee Collett (Ref. 2M23), Sophia Norton nee Collett (Ref. 2M24)

Robert Collett (Ref. 2M26), Richard Collett (Ref. 2M27)

Mary Mason nee Collett (Ref. 2M28), Jane Collett (Ref. 2M29)

Eliza Collett (Ref. 2M31)


As there is no mention of Henry’s wife Mary Rowland it must be assumed that she was deceased at the time of the making of the Will


Robert Rowland (Ref. 10L4) was brother to Mary Collett nee Rowland (Ref. 10L2)


Tenant William Chandler (above) was also mentioned in the Will of William Rowland (Ref. 10K1) made on 31st March 1818