Letter of Administration to change

the Will of Aaron Collett (1M33) of Stonehouse

following the death of one trustee and resignation of the other


On Saturday the 29th day of July in the year of our Lord 1843 before Edwin Maddy Doctor in Civil Law Surrogate of the Worshipful Edward Thomas March Phillipps Clerk MA Chancellor of Gloucester present the Notary Public under written.


The document was date stamped Bristol 11.11.1842 and continued


A business of renouncing the burden of the execution of the last Will and Testament of Aaron Collett late of Stonehouse in the County of Gloucester deceased made by John Stephens the surviving Executor named in the last Will and Testament of the said deceased.)


Upon which day appeared personally the said John Stephens and alleged that the said deceased whilst he was living and of sound mind memory and understanding made his last Will and Testment in writing and therein and thereof nominates constitutes and appoints him the said John Stephens an Executor and afterwards departed this life and that for divers good causes and considerations him thereunto specially moving he doth expressly hereby renounce the burden of the execution of the said Will.


Wherefore he prayed and the said Surrogate did at his Petition (he being first sworn concerning the truth of the said Will, as also that he hath not intermeddled nor doth intend to intermeddle, with any part of the said deceased effects, and doth renounce the execution of the said Will, without any view of fraud or collusion in this behalf) admit this his renunciation as far as by Law it may be admitted and enacted and the 13th day of June 1843 appeared personally Sarah Collett of Stonehouse in the County of Gloucester widow, and Martin Collett of the same place wheelwright, and alleged that Aaron Collett late of Stonehouse aforesaid deceased died on the Fifth day of February 1835 having made his Will in writing and a codicil thereto and appointed John Stephens and Walter Cadogan joint Executors and leaving Goods Chattles and Credits wholly within the Diocese of Gloucester and Bristol under the value of Two Hundred Pounds.


That the said Walter Cadogan died without having proved the said Will and Codicil and the said John Stephens hath legally renounced the Probate that they and Sarah Collett the widow and relict of the said deceased and the said Martin Collett is the lawful son and true of the said legatees of the said deceased of the said Will That they will seek and faithfully administer the Goods Chattles and Credits with the Will annexed of the said deceased and render an inventory and account.


Wherefore they prayed that Letters of Admon of all and singular the Goods Chattles and Credits with the Will and Codicil annexed of the said deceased might be granted and committed to them upon giving such good and sufficient security as in this behalf is required and so forth.


29th July 1843 Let Admon paso as prayed. Sworn under 200



The document was signed by Edwin Maddy Principal Surrogate and

in the presence of Thomas Evans (the Surrogate for the original Will) and

signed by Sarah Collett (Ref. 1M33) and Martin Collett (1N39) in their own hand


Johns Stephens was the brother of Sarah Collett nee Stephens (Ref. 1M33)