The Will of Henry Collett (Ref. 3M1) of Chedworth

made on 20th February 1850

and proved after 16th March 1850





I Henry Collett of Chedworth shoemaker give and bequeath unto my brother Richard Collett of Notgrove, shoemaker, and his friend John William Cornley of Notgrove, farmer, my three cottages and gardens with their appurtenances situate at Chedworth Lanes and my two cottages and gardens with their appurtenances situate in the lower part of Chedworth all which premises I purchased off Richard Harris [see footnotes] and my Dwelling House Garden and premises purchased off Joseph Wilson [see footnotes]


Also the orchard adjoining the street I purchased off Simon Wilson which said messuage orchard and premises are situate in Chedworth aforesaid and in my own occupation likewise my messuage garden orchard and premises situate in the parish of Naunton which I purchased off John Wood [see footnotes]


And all my other stock in trade, furniture, plate, linen, china, book and other debts


My beloved wife Mary Ann Collett to receive the dividends and interest off these during her life


After her death the Trust to go to the children of Henry Collett being Richard Collett, Robert Collett, Henry Collett, John Collett, Mary Ann Collett, Sarah Collett, Eliza Collett and Jane Collett




The exterior of the Will is annotated ‘Henry Collett late of Notgrove’

and the Trustees were instructed to sell off the estate and convert

the residue into Parliamentary Stocks or Public Funds




Richard Collett (Ref. 2M23), Mary Ann Collett nee Margetts (Ref. 2M21)

Richard Collett (Ref. 3N1), Robert Collett (Ref. 3N2), Henry Collett (Ref. 3N3)

John Collett (Ref. 3N4), Mary Ann Collett (Ref. 3N6), Sarah Collett (Ref. 3N8)

Eliza Collett (Ref. 3N9), Jane Collett (Ref. 3N10)


Henry’s sister Jane Collett (Ref. 2M29) married Thomas Harris in 1831

who is very likely a descendent of the Richard Harris [see above]

Likewise Henry’s cousin Hannah Collett (Ref. 2M14) married

William Harris in 1776 who could also be related,

as might Martha Harris who married Samuel Collett (Ref. 2L16) in 1785


Another of Henry’s cousins Jane Collett (Ref. 2M18) married John Wood in 1820,

while his aunts Ann Collett (Ref. 2L12) and Mary (Ref. 2L19) respectively married

brothers Joseph Wood in 1783 and John Wood in 1789 [see above]


And finally, Henry’s brother Robert Collett (Ref. 2M26) married Sarah Wilson

who is very likely a relative of Joseph Wilson [see above]