The Third Codicil of Thomas G Collett (Ref. 6O2) of Mangaroa


was made on 1st October 1920






This is the Third Codicil to the Last Will and Testament of me Thomas George Collett of Mangaroa in the Provincial District of Wellington and Dominion of New Zealand, farmer bearing date the Eighteen day of June in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred and Three


I hereby revoke the two codicils to my said Will bearing date respectively the Seventh day of July One Thousand Nine Hundred and Eight and the Twenty Eighth day of November One Thousand Nine Hundred and Nineteen and I revoke the bequest in my said Will contained of the moneys to be payable upon my death by the Government Life Insurance Department and in lieu thereof I bequeath all such moneys to all my children who may be living at my death in equal shares


Provided that if any child of mine shall predecease me leaving lawful issue who shall survive me then such issue shall take and if more than one in equal shares the share in such moneys to which he or she would have been entitled and such child survived me


And I further direct and declare that inasmuch as my son Charles William Collett has predeceased me then the charge of the sum of One Hundred Pounds in his favour contained in my said Will is hereby revoked AND in all other respects I hereby confirm my said Will


In witness whereof I have to this Codicil to my Last Will and Testament subscribed my name this First day of October One Thousand Nine Hundred and Twenty


Signed by the said Thomas George Collett as and for a Third Codicil to his Last Will and Testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who at his request in his sight and presence and in the sight and presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses:


Mr Barnett, Clerk in Holy Orders of The Vicarage, Trentham


Peter Robinson, Coachbuilder of Upper Hutt