The Will of Charles John Collet (Ref. 1N72) of Prince Edward Island

 was made on 13th January 1872

and proved on 14th February 1872

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In the name of God Amen, I Charles Collet of Victoria in the county of Queens County being indisposed in body but of sound mind and memory and desirous of disposing of my worldly goods do make this my Last Will and Testament


And first it shall be the duty of my executors herein after named to collect my just debts and to pay my creditors all just demands standing against me, also to sell all my property standing and movable as soon after my decease as is convenient and approved by my herein after named executors


And first I give to my dear wife Margaret Collet the sum of Fifty Pounds lawful money of this island


It is also my will and pleasure that my wife shall have the right to take all her own personal property of whatever kind away without the let or hindrance of my said executors herein after named


I also bequeath to my dear daughter Harriet Peters Collet the sum of Fifty Pounds lawful current money of this island, the same be paid to her by my executors when she becomes of age


I also bequeath to my daughter Sarah Jane Collett Five Pounds and to my son Charles Frederick Collett the sum of Five Pounds the same to be paid unto my said daughter and son by my herein after named executors when where they shall become of age and if either of the said parties shall die before she or he shall become of age then it is my pleasure that the bequest of the deceased shall be given to the surviving son or daughter be it which it may


It is my wish and pleasure that the remainder of the property to be equally divided between Eliza Caroline Collett and James Beaufort Collet to be paid to them by my executors when they shall become of age.  Nevertheless should my dear children Sarah Jane Collett, Charles Frederick Collett and Harriet Peters Collett be under the necessity of leaving their present residence and thus be thrown upon the world then in that case it is my will and pleasure that all my dear children shall have equal shares


It is also my will and pleasure that any surplus money that may be in the hands of my executors shall be put out on interest, all such interest should be at the discretion of my said herein after named executors to be paid out to my said children to be added to the principle until my children shall respectively come of age to receive their several and respective bequests


It is also my will and pleasure that all goods belonging to my first wife be equally divided amongst my children according to the judgement by Ann Beer, Eliza Collett and Mary Hall


I also desire and wish the said herein before named parties to give to my dear wife Margaret Collett one bed and bedding, the cookery wall on the third shelf of the dresser, together with any other little things they may deem proper to give her


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It is also my will and pleasure and I do enjoin it solemnly on my herein after named executors that they shall after my decease carefully look after my children and so far as is in their power see that the receive proper education and that they conduct themselves with propriety and morality


And I do by this my Last Will and Testament appoint and hereby declare that John Hall, Aaron Collet and George Beer of Le Sables my executors who, after paying themselves for their expenses, shall carry out this my Last Will and Testament according to the spirit and desire of me the said testator


In testimony whereof the said Charles Collett doth hereunto set my hand and seal this thirteenth day of January in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Seventy Two



Signed by Charles Collett

                                                                                                in his own hand



We the undersigned do hereby certify

that we were present and did see the

said Will acknowledged and declared

to be the Last Will and Testament

of the said Testator


Signed and acknowledged in our own presence


John Hall and Richard Hudson



                                                This Will was proved on 14th February 1872


                                                Probate granted to John Hall and Aaron Collett

                                                two of the Executors herein named and to grant

                                                the same to George Beer the third executor when



                                                Signed by Charles Young, Judge in Probate





The five children of Charles Collett were:

Harriet Peters Collett (Ref. 1O132), Sarah Jane Collett (Ref. 1O130)

Charles Frederick Collett (Ref. 1O133), Eliza Caroline Collett (Ref. 1O131)

James Beaufort Collett (Ref. 1O134) later known as James Bradford Collett



Within the actual Will the name Collett was occasionally written with just one T