The Will of Job Collett (Ref. 41O14) of Harefield in Middlesex

was made on 5th December 1923

with a Codicil dated 3rd November 1925





The following are the details extracted from the Will of Job Collett bricklayer of Harefield in Middlesex



All his household goods, wearing apparel, etc. to his niece Grace Hurden


All his real estate and the residue of his personal estate in trust to sell the real estate twenty years after his death, the personal estate to be arrested immediately.


One third of the income to his nephew Harry Collett for life with remainder to his son Bert


One third to his nephew Arthur Collett for life


And one third to his nephew Isaac Collett for life with remainder to his son Isaac


His real estate etc in trust to pay the income to all male descendants of his father William Collett bearing the surname Collett


Until such time as the real estate be sold all rents to be paid to his niece Grace Hurden


The Trustees were Evelyn Hurden and Francis Creighton



Codicil dated 3rd November 1925 revoked the clause bequeathing a life interest in one-third of the income to Harry Collett and his son Bert. Bequeathed instead to his nephew Thomas Collett with remainder to his son Thomas and reversion to the said Bert Collett


The one third share to Isaac Collett and his son Isaac to be extended to Isaac, son of the younger Isaac



Revoked by new Will dated 30th January 1929



Jobís original three named nephews were:

(1) Harry Collett, who was Henry James Collett (Ref. 41P1)

and his son Bert Collett was Herbert Collett (Ref. 41Q1)

(2) Arthur Collett (Ref. 41P5), and

(3) Isaac Collett (Ref. 41P8) and his son Isaac Collett (Ref. 41Q14)


The changes resulting from the Codicil related to:

Thomas Collett, who was Alfred Thomas Collett (Ref. 41P13) and his son Thomas (Ref. 41Q24), and Isaac Collett (Ref. 41R13), the son of Isaac Collett the younger, (Ref. 41Q14)


Grace Hurden was Jobís niece Grace Collett (Ref. 41P23)

and her husband was Evelyn Hurden


Francis Creighton was the husband of Jobís niece Alice Collett (Ref. 41P22)